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Mini nuclear plants — order now!

Mini nuclear plants to power 20,000 homes £13m shed-size reactors will be delivered by lorry Other companies are known to be designing micro-reactors. Toshiba has been testing 200KW reactors measuring roughly six metres by two...

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Solar thermal generator prototype

The evolution of the SolGen Project and the process of generating steam power from sunlight.   From Coast: Tonight’s guest, Sir Charles Shults, sent us images and videos related to his solar power energy research, dubbed...

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Unisource funds for solar systems

From the Unisource SunShare page: … UES will pay the owner of a qualified solar electric generating system up to $3,000 per Manufacturer’s rated DC kW at Standard Test Conditions (“STC”) of qualifying, proven, installed solar...

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I moved, am finally off the grid

It’s been one heck of a busy summer.  My 23-year old nephew Tobi was visiting for a couple months, don’t know what I would have done without him.  Of course we also had to have a little fun, so we went to visit friends in Santa...

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Still looking for LEDs

Accidental invention could light up the future “…If the new process can be developed into commercial production, light won’t come just from newfangled bulbs. Quantum dot mixtures could be painted on just about anything and...

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Northern AZ installed PV systems

http://www.evsolar.com/photos.html Nice pics. http://www.partsonsale.com/trojanbatts.html All kinds of stuff, but need to call for prices 888-647-6527 http://www.solar4power.com/solar-power-SWspecs.html SW 4000W SW4024 24VDC,...

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