1/20/23:  First real snow this season!

After a month of rain storm after rain storm and clouds the grand finale!

Update: It wasn’t the finale, more like the START of countless atmospheric rivers bringing huge amounts of snow and rain like I’ve never seen in the 23 years I’ve lived here.

I live here for winter SUNSHINE, but every few years we have a very wet winter.  Of course, being in this epic drought, we need the rain and snow and hopefully, we’ll have massive wildflowers and cactus blooms.

It snowed a few days ago, but just a little bit, and was all gone by noon.  Yesterday it started snowing just before dark and a few hours later I had to go on the roof to clean the snow off the Starlink dish.   I got the heating feature to work eventually, buggy app.

I enjoy seasons and wouldn’t want to live where the weather is always the same. 

In winter we look forward to summer and in summer we look forward to fall, often the best time of the year.  December was beautiful until the storms came.

Andy used to have so much fun in the snow, but now he’s 14 years old and mostly blind, so he’s taking it easy.

Rocket did not enjoy rooting in the snow and quickly moved to roast in front of the heater after an extra large breakfast.

1-20-23 Andy in snow

1-20-23 Rocket roasts

LOVE the forecast!

It’ll probably be several degrees colder at night since we’re a bit higher at 3,800 ft elevation and it might get down to teens.    As long as it’s SUNNY I’m good with that.  On the south side of the house, it often gets to 80s in the sun!

Hope we get a chance to dry out.   Need to clean up the house and got so many washouts to fix.   Haven’t been able to do any work since I fell and hurt my foot after Xmas and then tripped over small rocks and reinjured it, but it’s finally getting better.  Soaking in comfrey, calendula and epsom salt,  comfrey ointment, red light, …

With the weather so bad I had Rocket in the house a lot and it’s been a challenge. Rocket is about half a year old now and can be quite onery, is super strong, and loves kicking over the big water pot outside.

When Rocket doesn’t roast he’s rooting in the house, kicking over the trash, pulling things off shelves … but he’s learning. We’ve had a lot of talks this last month and he knows now what “outside” means and usually listens. It’s hard for him when he can’t roam outside. The other day we had sunshine and he was so happy, spun around, and then took off like a rocket.

As soon as the snow melted I’ll start with raking those darn rocks, AGAIN, it’s like they grow from the dirt.

[Note to self:  the WP classic editor so sucks for pics, couldn’t align the images other than centered and had to manually edit HTML to accomplish that.  WP was so much better 10 years ago!]