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  1. Welcome to the neighborhood. I live 1/2 mile north of Rt. 66 in-between Ash Fork and Seligman. I read about your tomato plant starts. You might consider purchasing several “Early Girl” plants when made available, they are reliable at producing food, not the biggest tomato there is, but that may be why they do produce eats. Gypsum is mined in AZ and used to make wallboard. There is plenty of the pulvewrized mineral left to sell to gardeners, and the gypsum helps to remove salts from the alkalyne soil. Tomatos will not tolorate alkalyne soil and do not do well in clay. So, after digging sway the rocks and boulders, mixing in gypsum, sand, manure–give it up and dig a trench 2′ to 3′ deep and wide and as long as you care and fill it up and over with horse manure and grow tomatoes in pure manure with plenty of bone meal around each tomato plant. Water early (before 10am) again before 3pm (before plants are too stressed) then lightly just beford sunset (keep that watering off of the plants as much as possible–on a windy day that watering will dry out sufficiently to keep foliage OK overnight). Tomato Hornworms abound hereabouts. They look a fright, but will not harm you. Pluck them off, put them in a coffee can with the pruned suckers from the tomatos, go fishing (or give them to a person who wants fish-bait). No, don’t know you; doubt we’ve met. I’m also off-grid. A follower of Jesus Christ, yet I am far from perfection. But I do strive to be as kindhearted as possible. I have grown the vegatable garden since my childhood, and I am no ‘Spring Chicken’. I’ve had a veggie garden here-abouts for several years. I wish you success with all of your endeavors; yet, I cannot state of my having the skills you need to apply towards your projects. If you desire to learn to play a trumpet, then I would like to pass on that skill before I pass on. What the hay: PO Box 181 Ash Fork, AZ 86320 Gotta go now, almost out of computer time at a library. I’ll “preach the Gospel of Jesus” at ya later. Any friendship, in my opinion, is best laid upon the foundation of God.

  2. Hi J.D.,

    I just found your comment as I was wading through spam here (finally installed the spam filter) and after major problems with my computer I’m finally using a my old spare Dell.

    Much appreciate your tips on gardening. I found at my old place just a few miles from here that the cherry tomatoes did best and I also had some early girls.

    I’ve had so little time to update and also recently started a new site about the NEW SYSTEM I’m creating. I’m tired of the exploitation by bankers, corporate executives and politicians.

    My new main site is http://trado.info/ and I’ve posted some info on gardening and off grid living at the forum at http://trado.info/forums/survival-growing-food-building-off-the-grid-creating-communities

    I’m also considering moving and joining an existing IC, see http://trado.info/my-ideal-community-private-living-community-projects-share-equipment-diversity-and-tolerance or sharing my property here.

    It’s a BEAUTIFUL day today, warmest day yet, so I better get outside, got lots of work to be done.

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