From the Unisource SunShare page:

… UES will pay the owner of a qualified solar electric generating system up to $3,000 per Manufacturer’s rated DC kW at Standard Test Conditions (“STC”) of qualifying, proven, installed solar generating capacity for all systems installed and operational within 180 days after UES accepts the owner’s application. …

I don’t intend to get on the grid unless someone else brings power down my street (and ruins the view) or I can buy the lot behind me (has power) – if I run into big money.

Last year I did a lot of research about the Unisource program and it was very limiting, didn’t allow wind generators.  You also had several options re. their buyback of the power you generate, it gets quite time consuming to just read it all.

From the FAQ

Can I have batteries? (Battery backup)?

UES does not provide a rebate if battery backup is present as part of the solar generation system. A stand-alone uninterruptible power supply (UPS) does not disqualify the system from a rebate.

If the power grid supply goes out (a UES power outage), will I still have power to run my air conditioner and refrigerator?

No, when the grid goes down, your inverter is programmed to shut the system down. This insures your system will not feed back into the grid system and cause injury to any UES employees working on power lines. …


Especially considering that the power here is so unreliable.  In summer you get continual brownouts, the lights dim, appliances slow down and often the power goes out for a few minutes and sometimes for a few hours.

And then there are the LONG power outages. In summer 2006, some neighbors were without power for several days after a lightening hit.  I don’t know about last summer, since I spent most of my time at my new place, but OFTEN the stove clock was blinking.  They’re too cheap to put the power lines underground, poles constantly get hit by lightening, and there just doesn’t seem to be enough power in summer.

So you’d have to have their solar system and have a separate wind gen / battery system, which I could do if I got the lot behind me.

If their program works for you, I just called and as of today they still have funds available, but they’re going fast.