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99-year-old farmer still farming

I’m hoping to finally catch up on the gazillion things to do and start posting all the cool stuff we’ve been doing. But first an inspiring article and video about Milford “Pete” Nodlinski, the 99-year-old farmer in...

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Schedule of local gardening events

By local I mean Mohave County and Southern Nevada.  So many workshops and Bob Morris just started the new Meetup  Las Vegas Desert Horticulture with the first meeting tomorrow.  The Kingman Dig It Community Garden is very...

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New High Desert Food resource forum

For years I’ve been subscribing to various Yahoo groups and I run across so much great info, but my brain cannot remember everything.  So I decided to start the High Desert Food resource forum to organize information....

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The first hard freeze November 16

We had a light frost a couple weeks ago and all the squash in the lower garden froze.   Fortunately we had enough time to move a number of basils and peppers into pots before it got down to the low 20s or maybe even teens last...

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New site and missing pictures

I finally imported my old Solar and Wind Power blog into a sub blog at our High Desert Permaculture site. However, some pictures do not display. I just checked and the pictures are all uploaded, but some pics just don’t...

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The farmstand — finally!

I didn’t think I’d see the day, but last weekend I FINALLY opened the farmstand: Still need to get the roof on, but at least we are open for business. Quite a few people were interested in becoming members of the...

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