LED light bulbs – I should order one to try it

Today I saw the link to http://led.section9tech.com/ – featuring LED bulbs.


So I did some searching, trying to find reviews.

Incandescent vs. CFL vs. LED Light Bulb Challenge

In the comments are many links that don’t work, but here is a good one:

http://lumenstarled.com/ – at over $50 a piece, I have to pass.

At $20 as at Section9, that’s a lot more affordable, although still very high.

Right now I’m just using my 12 v system and 12 v light.  But my new batteries are ready to be picked up in Vegas and I could use a few of these bulbs once my main system is up and running.  Wonder how much light you actually get with this LED bulb.  The 12 v light is a little dim for filing paper.

I’m still thrilled with the LED light I’m using to read in bed.  It’s unbelievable that those AA batteries last well over a month before I have to recharge them.

A nice selection on Ebay

LPL630 LED light disappointment

I was placing an order at Camping World and saw these little battery powered LED lights for cabinets, etc.  At about $6 a piece, I thought I’d order 4 and give them a try.  Today they were delivered and I was shocked to see that they use 3 AG13 batteries.  When I ordered, I had looked for the “technical” info at Camping World, but they had nothing to say about batteries.

A google got my a price of $3.95 EACH for the batteries at Service Lighting

According to the manual for the LPL630, the batteries last up to 10 hours.  So it’ll cost at least $1.20 per hour to run this light, excluding shipping.

ACK!  I might as well just run the generator!  Obviously, it would be cheaper to buy new $6 lights with the batteries, it’s essentially a throwaway light.

I’m also unable to get the battery cover back on the light, very strange.  The most useful parts may be the velcroe and magnetic strip.

The batteries are 1.55 V, maybe I can rig something with my rechargeables, but what a waste of $$$.  I’ve been using the LED flashlights and it’s just AMAZING how long they last on a few AA batteries, so I wasn’t expecting this.

I have yet to find a good source for 12 volt lights.  They FINALLY stuccoed a few weeks ago and the solar panel is up and running again and I’ll be buying some more golf cart batteries soon.  Still don’t have the propane generator I want, so I’ll try to run a lot on my little 12 volt system.  Hopefully I’ll get the wind generator running soon.

Update 9/13/08:

I submitted my negative review to Camping World, but as far as I know they didn’t post it.

I’ll have to do a comprehensive update on lighting soon.  Ordered some 120v LED light bulbs last summer and use them in my desk lamp when I don’t actually have to read (i.e. I’m working on the computer) and where I just need some light to get around.   Very economical, but not very bright.