High Desert Permaculture and Natural Building

Category: Solar

Solar thermal generator prototype

The evolution of the SolGen Project and the process of generating steam power from sunlight.   From Coast: Tonight’s guest, Sir Charles Shults, sent us images and videos related to his solar power energy research, dubbed...

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Northern AZ installed PV systems

http://www.evsolar.com/photos.html Nice pics. http://www.partsonsale.com/trojanbatts.html All kinds of stuff, but need to call for prices 888-647-6527 http://www.solar4power.com/solar-power-SWspecs.html SW 4000W SW4024 24VDC,...

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True South – sizing system

http://www.solar4power.com/solar-power-sizing.html GENERAL SIZING FOR SOLAR POWER In sizing an electric system using solar power the first two factors we consider are the sunlight levels (insolation values) from your area and...

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