The solar panel is IN the garage, since after a 2 months wait the stucco guys FINALLY put up the lath and got everything ready, but now it’s been 3 weeks ….  Yes, it was too cold, too wet, etc., but there were a few nice days here and there.

I’m so ready to get everything going, got a 7 foot hole for ground rods next to the hole for the win gen and already bought the #4 ground wire to tie to the rebar in the addition footing.

In the meantime, I’ve ordered a C and D battery charger and a bunch of rechargeable batteries for some of the lights I ordered at Camping World (fluorescent and LED) and various appliances such as my boombox.  I ordered on Ebay from  Ebay may be a little cheaper than the website, but there are a lot of web specials too along with free shipping.  Great selection, great communications and PROMPT shipping, notification and tracking—that’s how I like it.

Was not happy with Ebay seller Daisy Dalfin (thesoundtrumpet) because there was no info about combining shipping and my attempts to get info got me a really high quote for C batteries.  Maybe Daisy doesn’t speak English well or something, communications sucked.  I had ordered AA batteries from her on Ebay and paid last week, received no shipping notification or any other communications regarding the order.