LED light bulbs – I should order one to try it

Today I saw the link to http://led.section9tech.com/ – featuring LED bulbs.


So I did some searching, trying to find reviews.

Incandescent vs. CFL vs. LED Light Bulb Challenge

In the comments are many links that don’t work, but here is a good one:

http://lumenstarled.com/ – at over $50 a piece, I have to pass.

At $20 as at Section9, that’s a lot more affordable, although still very high.

Right now I’m just using my 12 v system and 12 v light.  But my new batteries are ready to be picked up in Vegas and I could use a few of these bulbs once my main system is up and running.  Wonder how much light you actually get with this LED bulb.  The 12 v light is a little dim for filing paper.

I’m still thrilled with the LED light I’m using to read in bed.  It’s unbelievable that those AA batteries last well over a month before I have to recharge them.

A nice selection on Ebay

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