I wasted MONTHS submitting web forms, emailing, calling, and even messaging our local Lhoist lime plant manager on Facebook.  I contacted every building supply store in Kingman and even True Value wouldn’t special order.  At ABC they tried, but were told by their supplier that only “CERTIFIED” buyers could get quicklime.  The BS … it’s not nuclear waste!

Talked to building supply stores in Flagstaff, Phoenix, and Tucson, and “Natural” Building organizations who sadly use Type S and had NO interest whatsoever in sharing an order of quicklime,

I finally got a lead for Graymont and ended up ordering 2 tons of quicklime powder from Tacoma WA.   I only needed one ton, but because I wanted bagged powder the minimum was 3,000 lbs.   Superbags are 2000 lbs, but how would I unload?  And since my truck is not rated for 3000 lbs, they offered to make up two pallets with 2000 lbs each.

Unloading a ton of quicklime

Unloading a ton of quicklime

To order from Graymont, please contact Marla:

Marla Yuhas
Customer Service Representative
M +1 406 317-2548
P.O. Box 550
Townsend, MT, USA  59644-0550

Marla and the staff were extremely professional and promptly answered my many questions about both products and shipping.  Rarely have I dealt with people communicating so efficiently, getting me pallet sizes (had to make sure it fit in my truck), etc.

The final quote:

Effective 04/01/2023, the current price of the 50# bags pulverized lime is $627/ton, so the product would be a total of $1,254 plus the freight, which I believe was quoted at $804.78 for 2 tons to a dock in Vegas or $576.64 for 1 ton times 2 if you needed to make two trips.  Or lastly, $1545 with liftgate delivery direct to Meadview, AZ

I opted for the $804.78 shipping because the LTL company agreed to hold one of the pallets for a few days with no charge and their people were super friendly and accommodating.  My total including sales tax was $2,187.94.

I had to make two trips to north of Las Vegas, about 500 miles total.

If you just need putty, you can order on Amazon:


Lime Putty on Amazon

9/26/23 Lime Putty “technical grade” (whatever that means) on Amazon — shipping is almost as much as the cost of the product.

I might have ordered 25 lbs if I’d seen that back then for some testing.  But, I really wanted quicklime for hot mixing and of course need a LOT more than a few pounds for floors, mortar, plaster, etc.

However, I don’t think I need 4000 lbs!

The first 7 bags we slaked produced a lot of putty. 

Slaking the first 7 bags

Slaking the first 7 bags

If you’re local and you’d like to buy either a few bags of quicklime or putty, please contact me. 

I could probably deliver within a hundred miles, to Kingman, Bullhead, Flagstaff, Vegas, etc.  Or you could pick up here and check out our beautiful Joshua Tree Forest, the Skywalk (Grand Canyon West), Lake Mead / Colorado River and get a deal on the vacation rental I manage.  Or visit (I host WWOOFers) to help with our builds.

I’ve also seen several sellers on eBay from Portugal selling 1 lb of quicklime.

Please let me know if you have any sources closer than Tacoma, WA.  

I’d like a bag for hot mixing.  Some say granules don’t totally dissolve and that it might be better for self-healing limecrete.  Can’t order another 2000 lbs!