High Desert Permaculture and Natural Building

Category: Animals

We're under gopher attack

It took them FIVE years to find me! I had gophers at my old place and my little 4′ x 8′ garden plots were completely hardware cloth lined and fenced. I didn’t think I’d get gophers here because the soil...

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Attack of the leaf-cutting bees

A few days ago I went to check on the grapes, as I usually do after I get up.  I go for a walk to check on all the food plants, always thrilled when they’re all still there. That day I was shocked when I looked at the...

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Saved the lizard with the jaws of life

I hate when I see a lizard caught in the hardware cloth.   It usually happens about once a year.  Last year I found a dead lizard in a fence and in previous years I saved a few. A few weeks ago (4/20) I checked to see what Butch...

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