That’s the biggest tomato worm I’ve ever seen, the size of Jose’s index finger:

7/12/11: Beautiful tomato worm (click for larger image)

I had not realized how pretty this worm is until I looked at the large picture. It’s too bad they’re so damaging and you just can’t let them live.

Also saw this fat lizard:

The animals are living well around here!

And on Monday I got a major scare when I picked up the live trap, set it on the table to superglue some peanuts on it and realized that a small Mohave Green was curled up in it!

It was getting dark and I did not see it until it woke up when I set the cage down. It jumped up, hissed, rattled and then jumped out of the cage on the ground. I was yelling at Jose to get the gun as it was heading under the camper and all the “stuff.” Fortunately, we did get it. Knowing that a poisonous snake is in the garden sure would take the fun out of gardening! And I have to be more careful, really didn’t expect to find a snake in the cage and once again had the luck of the stupid. One of these days my luck will run out.

It was too hectic and dark for a snake picture, so here’s one of the many pack rats we caught and relocated:

All the critters are FAT and live like royalty in our gardens!

And that’s why we plant a lot and we plant often.

Last Sunday we got some badly needed rain and I took