High Desert Permaculture and Natural Building

Category: The gardens

June garden pictures

My garden on June 5, 2022. The best part about permaculture is that once established, many plants turn into weeds and instead of planting seeds, you just pull or cut what you don’t want.

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Striata d'Italia zucchini

We just harvested another zucchini: Got the seeds at Baker Creek. Unfortunately, all the plants from our first planting along the fence and in the three sisters bed got eaten by critters (we relocated a number of packrats and...

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Purslane — NOT a weed!

For years I wondered what that weed was that always grew even if none of the flower seeds germinated.  I remember having pots full of this “weed” and it grows everywhere we water. Here's an interesting article...

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Cattail uses and recipes

Found this interesting page on how to harvest cattails and recipes: Cattails (Typha species) The cattail is one of the most important and common wild foods, with a variety of uses at different times of the year. Whatever you...

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The new veggie cattail bee pond

Is there a word for tiny ponds, like pondlet? I got to work right away yesterday and built the little cattail pond.  The hardest part was moving a bunch of sheet rock and backer board so I could get to the bentonite in the...

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