Jose has been talking about keeping bees and since we've had so many bees visiting our cattail bucket / ponds last summer, we're actually considering it.
Neighbors half a mile from us had bees move into their camper and I wish we could have gotten those.  But we're still clueless about how to handle bees and they had the exterminator scheduled for the next morning.
So I recently saw posts by Mike the bee keeper in the organics Yahoo group and I inquired at his Natural Bee Farm site about the danger of Africanized bees.
Mike posted his detailed response and as so often, the media tends to blow dangers out of proportion. I was surprised the bees didn't sting me when I refilled the cattail bucket from the garden hose.  One time it seemed like hundreds of bees were swarming out of the bucket, not exactly happy!   I started watering after sundown when the bees had left.
We bought delicious raw honey from Flagstaff at Grandma's Best in Kingman.

The Mountain Top Honey Company varieties include cat claw, mesquite and wild flowers.  There are no local bee keepers?
Of course we have a lot to learn before we actually get some bees and I'm just so happy that we had so many bees visiting.   There will be more water for them next summer and there should also be many more flowers.