I hate when I see a lizard caught in the hardware cloth.   It usually happens about once a year.  Last year I found a dead lizard in a fence and in previous years I saved a few.

A few weeks ago (4/20) I checked to see what Butch was so excited about and there was another stuck lizard.

At first I hoped he’d get out on his own if I just keep Butch away.  I brought the rock so he’d get more leverage instead of just hanging in the fence.


After a couple hours or so I finally decided to get some pliers.  I was worried about how to cut the wire without hurting him since he totally filled the entire opening, but with some electronics wire cutters it actually went very smooth. 

My other worry was that he’d try to get out before I was done and hurt himself. Those cut wires are deadly, or at minimum very painful. 

Fortunately, he didn’t move until I was done cutting all around him and bending the ends away from him.

And then he took off like a rocket.

Hopefully lives to eat the strawberries 🙂