It looked like I might get Unisource to subsidize a solar system for net metering and I made a serious effort to get Unisource to quote me the cost of bringing in power underground.

I had been calling since March for general info, was finally told that I needed to submit an application.  I submitted my plot plan and their application with a cover letter, explaining that I would NOT pay Unisource to ruin my view with power poles.  I wanted to bring the power in underground across the lot behind me or across 3 lots next to me.  I requested a call to discuss my options.

Yesterday I panicked when after 2 weeks without a word, I found Unisource stakes at the lot, indicating that they would run poles down the road, acroos the road, then up my lot and over to the garage.  It was the absolute WORST configuration.  Of course I could pay them to run the power underground on my lot, but there’s no way that I’ll bring power poles on the street and they won’t go underground on the street even if I paid for it.

Neighbors told me to ask for John Sampson, the guy in charge at Unisource for new power.  He did call me back today, a nice guy, but they just do things THEIR way only and they had decided not to use any of the utility easements.  The CC&Rs provide for a 10 foot setback on the sides of the lot for utilities.  The county zoning only requires 5 ft.  So, they’re effectively taking 3000 squarefeet of my property for an easement that NOBODY wants to use.  Same with the easement in the back.  I asked why they don’t notify county zoning that they don’t want the easement anymore, it would have saved me AND them a lot of time.  I didn’t get a meaningful answer.

And, he had no clue about my cover letter, which was apparently thrown away.  I really don’t appreciate that.  Why am I surprised?  That’s what I’ve been dealing with for 6 years.

Of course I cancelled my “order” (which really was a request for information) and Unisource can take a flying leap.

They have a pretty good program to subsidize solar systems, but were out of funds for the year and are currently looking into new programs for next year.  They also would not allow batteries (safety was quoted as the reason) and I would have had to get TWO systems to have a backup for when the power is off.

Which, BTW, is at least a couple times a week lately.  Sunday the power was out about 4 hours.  That’s of course becaused these morons won’t put the power underground so it won’t constantly get hit be by lightning.  Apparently it’s still cheaper to continually have repair crews at work than to bury the cables, as in the civilized world.

It looks like Bangladesh here ….  in one of the most beautiful areas on the planet.