Exterior shutters and wooden windows (double hung)

http://www.shutterland.net/exterior-shutters.htm Couldn’t find any prices or online ordering anywhere, no dealer in my area. http://www.myeshowroom.com/search.asp?dealer=22894—various double hung window manufacturers http://www.avalonwindows.com/casement-sgl.php Factory direct sales—no prices online, requested prices through their information request form http://www.hideadoor.com/pg_fullbookcase.htm—hidden doors, I thought they only had those in the movies.


http://www.backwoodshome.com/articles/harris23.html … Today, in almost all parts of the country, one can go to a local lumberyard with a building design on the back of an envelope, watch the technician keyboard all the critical dimensions—spans, snow loads, roof pitch, and so on into the software formula— and, a few seconds later, watch the printer spit …

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Designer doors, kivas, etc.

http://www.grandriversupply.com/grs/Clavos_Decorative_Nails.aspx Of course Home Depot doors are cheaper.  Very cool online design options.  Hmm, just designed an entrance with two side panels and stained glass for about $1,500.  That’s a lot less than what I saw at Lowe’s recently.  Maybe I’m missing something. Lots of stuff at this site.