We overwintered several of the Peacevine tomatoes growing in hydro tubs in the winter greenhouse.

SUCCESS!   They made it without any supplemental heating, being 6 ft in the ground (walapini) kept the winter greenhouse from freezing.  No single-digit temps last winter.

While indeterminate tomatoes, they all flowered and set fruit at the same time. But unfortunatley, they were seriously neglected, essentially just grew in water with no fertilizer and minerals and they were much smaller than usual.  But, still tasted pretty good and didn’t get old!

I love tomatoes, although I shouldn’t eat any since I have arthritis.   Planted a number of Peace Vine and Mountain Magic (Campari) in the garden — will post those pics hopefully soon.

Peacevine cherry tomatoes

The plum and the nectarines trees produced no fruit this year.  It was too cold and windy when they flowered.

I was surprised to see how many apricots set fruit, considering the horrible weather.

And I’m even more surprised that the birds waited so long to get them.

Been eating them for a while when out in the garden, but waited to harvest them because I wanted them to get sweeter.

The birds starting to  eat the apricots

This poor tree has been seriously neglected.   Now that we harvested, I’m going to cut the smaller branches back.  A little at a time.  It’s ok to prune in summer with the hand pruner.

Neglected Nectarine Tree

Seriously neglected, time to prune

It’s amazing how many PERFECT-looking apricots actually had been pecked on.  But at least we got something — I think last year the critters got them all.

Something is better than nothing!

The peach tree is loaded, last year I got none.   I tried a few that were way too sour to eat and then all of a sudden they were all gone.  We’ll see what happens this year.

I’ve spent endless hours looking for “aviary” wire (like chicken wire, but much smaller holes so the critters won’t die in it) to cover the trees, but haven’t found any.

I still have a long draft of a 6/1 post with many garden pics, hope I’ll get to finish that soon!

Got so much done this spring, and still so much more to do, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel.