Someone recommended Misfits Market in a local FaceBook group and of course, I was excited to find another option to get organic produce for our very remote desert town.

Unfortunately, they’re one of several outfits selling overpriced old produce and shipping it all over the country.

I tried to check it out myself, but you have to set up an account and provide your credit card # BEFORE you can even see their products and prices.

So that’s the first clue that it’s a scam.

They are currently paying $10 for each referral (after a qualified order by the new customer) and that’s another red flag because they don’t give the new customer anything, won’t inform new customers of the referral payment, and results in lots of SPAM from greedy people and the countless masses with no BS detector get defrauded.

Misfit Market is NOT a nonprofit, but a NJ business and all that bla bla bla about “rescuing” produce is just MARKETING.

There are no savings, just hassle and countless reports of unauthorized charges and unhappy customers.

As of this writing, there are 137 complaints with the BBB:

And here are 76 reviews with an average 1.17 star rating.  Couldn’t get much worse!

At another review site:

Of course, there are MANY wonderful reviews all over the web because the authors get PAID by Misfits Market.  Sadly, most people will do anything for a buck.

Here is a screenshot of the discussion in All Things Meadview, a Facebook group:

Facebook really documents why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  People have NO BS detectors whatsoever.   

Now I just wait to get banned.  I’ve been kicked out of most local groups for exposing fraud, abuse, scams …  the admins are only interested in promoting their own businesses and/or views.

Support your LOCAL organic growers and most important, GROW YOUR OWN FOOD!

Anybody can at least grow a couple of tubs with their favorite lettuce and greens.

Got a lot of mustard this winter and love it.

REAL food — FRESH food!

Hydro greens: no lights, no pumps and very little water!

Hydro greens: no lights, no pumps and require very little water!