Last spring we finally got the little pond set up and today my helper transplanted a bunch of Mormon Tea from the bottom of our rock pile where they were about to be covered by rocks and caliche.

Next we’ll transplant some gopher plants between the Mormon Tea and the critters will finally have some privacy while drinking.

When we first set up the pond I thought we made a mistake because it drains on the UPPER side.  It turned out that’s perfect because I can fill the pond and then it overflows to water the surrounding plants.

There are several fruit trees in this area and I am almost done converting everything to flood watering.

10/12/20: October was HOT last year!

This red racer enjoyed a drink at the little orchard pond on the last warm day 11/4/20:

Hope it sticks around!

I bought a trail cam months ago, but so far none of my helpers have been able to set it up and we’ve all been so busy!

In February I should have a lot more time and catch up on thousands of pics and video I’ve taken last year.  And I’ll finally install a new theme and fix this site up again.

Unfortunately, I started posting in the FaceBook permaculture and gardening group,  where everything disappears, just because it’s quick and easy.   I’ll try to repost our major improvements and construction over the last few years.

The last couple days have been so beautiful and the wind today wasn’t ice cold — it felt like spring!