Happy Thanksgiving and pics of Meadview fruit trees

A neighbor sent me pics of their fruit trees and I can’t wait for our bare root trees to arrive!
We’ll be placing our order on time for delivery as soon as they start shipping.  If you’d like to add to our order, please join us at a High Desert Gardening Club meeting or contact me directly.
I love peaches!  We have a volunteer peach tree in our hoophouse, probably from a peach pit in the compost.  We’ll take the plastic off next spring and turn the hoophouse area into a garden.

We also have two Chinese apricot trees in the hoophouse.  I grew them from seed and we’re hopeful that we might get some apricots next year.
One of our Fuji apple trees was relocated from Meadview and we’re not sure whether it’ll make it.  It was HUGE, had already leaved out and the trunk split at the bottom from pulling it out with a tow rope around the trunk.  I wanted to put it around the root ball — but why would anyone ever listen to me??? 🙂
Our other Fuji usually flowers and then the wind blows most blossoms off and of course it freezes again.  This year we had one little apple ripening and we don’t know what happened to it.   It probably got harvested by the same critters that took every single prickly pear fruit.
That’s why we’re building the orchard with wind protection and much better fencing.
It’s VERY inspiring to look at these pictures and see that we CAN harvest fruit before the critters get it!

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  1. Hi Christine, it’s me Janet from the master gardeners. I was wondering if you’re still going to order bareroot fruit trees and what is the shipping date generally? Where are you ordering them from? I was going to try and order from the source that Bob Morris mentioned and the type of peach tree was it Dave Martin or something like that.

  2. Hi Janet, I haven’t even had time to work on our tree order yet. Our tentative deadline is January 20, when I’ll send out the 7 day reminder for our gardening club meeting. I plan on including our list of trees, where we’ll order, cost, etc. with the mailing and you can subscribe to our list at http://eepurl.com/bLlOLL — just make sure to check the 7 day meeting reminder option.
    All my websites need serious updates and reorganization, been waiting for a major software upgrade and some slow days … Finally finished screening the dirt piles in the new orchard today, it’s starting to look a lot better. We have 7 filled holes now, but the other half of the orchard is still covered with a giant mound of dirt from the excavation for another hoophouse. Got LOTS to do before the trees get here. I really need to post some pictures.
    Anyway, the trees Bob recommends are from Dave Wilson, not cheap, but I’ve been reading good reviews. I’m going to spend some serious time at Bob’s blog http://xtremehorticulture.blogspot.com/ and also read up on fruit trees (again) at April’s site: https://artisticgardener.wordpress.com/ They’ve done a great job in North Las Vegas and there’s a ton of home orchard info at April’s blog.
    I got the Dave Wilson wholesale info a couple years ago, but as I recall you really have to order a lot. Am still hoping for a price break, we’ll see. Mike from Island Palm used to get Dave Wilson trees from California, but of course that’s not happening anymore either since they’re closing. Sure wish we could add to someone’s order. Wouldn’t even mind making the trip myself.
    I’ll also talk to Bob again, got some great video of the pruning class too. I learned so much and when I forget, I can watch the videos again. Sure wish I’d recorded the first half hour with the Q & A.
    I’ll try to get some of the tree info to Ron for the MG January meeting too. I can’t believe how time flies!

  3. The fruit that you harvested is beyond fantastic! Love the photos and now I’m wondering am I ordering too many trees? lol

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