Happy Thanksgiving and pics of Meadview fruit trees

A neighbor sent me pics of their fruit trees and I can’t wait for our bare root trees to arrive!
We’ll be placing our order on time for delivery as soon as they start shipping.  If you’d like to add to our order, please join us at a High Desert Gardening Club meeting or contact me directly.
I love peaches!  We have a volunteer peach tree in our hoophouse, probably from a peach pit in the compost.  We’ll take the plastic off next spring and turn the hoophouse area into a garden.
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Small Farm Summit

It’s free and I just started listening to yesterday’s replays:
Sustainable Small Farm Summit

CHRIS WAYNE : Stealing Market Savvy – Standing Out at the Farmers Market

RACHEL ARMSTRONG & LAURA FISHER : Common Farm Risks & Management

CRYSTAL STEWART : Holistic Management Decision Making

TRADD COTTER : Mushroom Cultivation & Production

RICHARD WISWALL : Farming Smarter, Not Harder

COACH MARK SMALLWOOD : Can Small Farm Organic Production Feed the World?

NANNETT CEPERO : 5 Uncommon Crops in Cold Urban Areas

TAMMY HOWARD : Goal Setting for New Farmers

LINDSEY SHUTE : How You Can Help National Young Farmers’ Coalition Help You

ZACH WOLF : Your Relationship to Soil Fertility Management

KEVIN EGOLF : Farmland Access Strategies for Aspiring Farmers

CURTIS STONE : Farming in the City – Intro to Profitable Urban Farming

STACEY MURPHY (HOST) : Understanding Your Finances – Tools & Strategies

DENNIS DERRYCK : Growing the Local Movement with Food Hubs

CONNOR STEDMAN : Five Research & Development Opportunities for Regenerative Agriculture

DRU RIVERS : Production Flower Farming

JOEL SALATIN : Business Strategies & Tips from Polyface Farm

FINALLY! Vegas Roots community garden and market

This is just too cool!  I just found Vegas Roots (fka Tonopah Community Garden) and I am so thrilled to see their activities, market, Saturday “you pick” and other events.
Every time I was at the Henderson farmers market there was NO locally grown food at all and I was told the BIG LIE:

You can’t grow food here!

Of course I know that’s BS because WE can grow food and especially in winter when it gets to single digits here (as a week ago), Las Vegas is perfect for lettuce and all sorts of winter veggies.
Vegas Roots does a LOT more than grow food, they have tours for schools and now the are starting their market.

Here is the Vegas Roots Market Schedule and info about the Saturday You Pick.
I can’t wait to check it out in person!  If you’re in the Meadview / Kingman area, have a more fuel efficient vehicle than my truck and you’d like to visit Vegas Roots, I’d love to share the ride and fuel expenses.

We finally moved our farmstand

I thought I’d never see the day! For over half a year we have been building our farmstand and it’s about time we finally moved it from our property to its hopefully permanent home at Canyon’s End (fka Ken’s Pizza) in Meadview.
It took WAY more pallets than expected and then it took a while to line up a suitable trailer and a truck that could pull it, as our truck doesn’t have a dropdown hitch. And then it got so COLD. But today it was beautiful with hardly any wind and we finally got to move it.
Here we are taking the farmstand apart:
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Sell your fruit and veggies at Grandma's Best in Kingman

Yesterday we stopped at Grandma's Best Farmers Market on Stockton Hill in Kingman.  They're always our FIRST stop when we go to town every couple weeks.  On the way home we shop the supermarkets for what they don't have at Grandma's Best.
They need more LOCALLY grown fruit and veggies!

Here are some of the goodies we got yesterday:

Huge Crenshaw melons ($4) and a Honeydew melon ($2), a couple of pineapples ($3), zucchini, Armenian cucumber (where else do you find those?), organic Fuji apples, delicious Utah peaches and LOCALLY grown pomegranates ($1).
The honey is packaged in Flagstaff, but the bees are in the Kingman area.
Where are all the Kingman / GV gardeners with more squash and melons than they can eat?
One time we got delicious locally grown organic baby cucumbers and for a long time they had the pecans from the orchard on 66.
Several times we got delicious locally grown plums and I made a wonderful pie.  We also got locally grown apricots, pears and apples.
Grandma's Best isn't a supermarket, but a small produce store owned by locals who want to promote LOCAL food production.  Much of the produce comes from Phoenix and the prices are VERY competitive with the supermarkets.  But I always see some locally grown fruit and/or veggies too.

  • If you're growing more than you can eat, check them out.
  • If you you live in North Kingman, support your community and buy local.  Cash, credit cards and FOOD STAMPS are accepted.
  • Anyone with a green thumb and unemployed should consider growing food.  If you end up with more than you can eat yourself, you can make a few dollars.
Grandma's Best Farmers Market
4988 Stockton Hill Rd (next to El Rancho restaurant)
Kingman, AZ 86409

Tuesday – Friday:  8-6
Saturday: 8-4
Sunday & Monday: closed