Yesterday we stopped at Grandma's Best Farmers Market on Stockton Hill in Kingman.  They're always our FIRST stop when we go to town every couple weeks.  On the way home we shop the supermarkets for what they don't have at Grandma's Best.
They need more LOCALLY grown fruit and veggies!

Here are some of the goodies we got yesterday:

Huge Crenshaw melons ($4) and a Honeydew melon ($2), a couple of pineapples ($3), zucchini, Armenian cucumber (where else do you find those?), organic Fuji apples, delicious Utah peaches and LOCALLY grown pomegranates ($1).
The honey is packaged in Flagstaff, but the bees are in the Kingman area.
Where are all the Kingman / GV gardeners with more squash and melons than they can eat?
One time we got delicious locally grown organic baby cucumbers and for a long time they had the pecans from the orchard on 66.
Several times we got delicious locally grown plums and I made a wonderful pie.  We also got locally grown apricots, pears and apples.
Grandma's Best isn't a supermarket, but a small produce store owned by locals who want to promote LOCAL food production.  Much of the produce comes from Phoenix and the prices are VERY competitive with the supermarkets.  But I always see some locally grown fruit and/or veggies too.

  • If you're growing more than you can eat, check them out.
  • If you you live in North Kingman, support your community and buy local.  Cash, credit cards and FOOD STAMPS are accepted.
  • Anyone with a green thumb and unemployed should consider growing food.  If you end up with more than you can eat yourself, you can make a few dollars.
Grandma's Best Farmers Market
4988 Stockton Hill Rd (next to El Rancho restaurant)
Kingman, AZ 86409

Tuesday – Friday:  8-6
Saturday: 8-4
Sunday & Monday: closed