This is just too cool!  I just found Vegas Roots (fka Tonopah Community Garden) and I am so thrilled to see their activities, market, Saturday “you pick” and other events.
Every time I was at the Henderson farmers market there was NO locally grown food at all and I was told the BIG LIE:

You can’t grow food here!

Of course I know that’s BS because WE can grow food and especially in winter when it gets to single digits here (as a week ago), Las Vegas is perfect for lettuce and all sorts of winter veggies.
Vegas Roots does a LOT more than grow food, they have tours for schools and now the are starting their market.

Here is the Vegas Roots Market Schedule and info about the Saturday You Pick.
I can’t wait to check it out in person!  If you’re in the Meadview / Kingman area, have a more fuel efficient vehicle than my truck and you’d like to visit Vegas Roots, I’d love to share the ride and fuel expenses.