As first mentioned by attorney Jessica Newman (an Oak Park city official’s daughter), the city of Oak Park dropped the charges against Julie. Apparently city officials had received tens of thousands of calls and emails from all over the world and they realized that they did not have a very good case.
Today Julie posted that her attorney went to file a motion at the court and he found out that the case was dismissed. It happens frequently that court notices aren’t actually mailed out until a day or two after the filing.
So I consider that excellent news, although Julie is ill and not nearly as happy as she should be. Of course they could charge her again, but that’s EXTREMELY unlikely unless the city actually changes its laws and explicitly prohibits front yard veggies.
I’m very glad the charges were dropped and now we can move on to more productive projects such as finding out WHY some people feel that veggies will lower home values and we can focus on the big picture. I hope you will all take an hour to watch scientist and activist Vandana Shiva’s speech at UC Irvine. [7/2008]

This was three years ago and unfortunately, nothing has changed for the better. The American government is completely controlled by the corporations and the FDA and the USDA ignore the DOCUMENTED harm caused by genetically modified crops and monoculture.
I hope to get Jessica Newman (her letter to Time Magazine) and many local government officials to watch Food Inc., King Corn and Ms. Shiva’s speech. I am certain that none of the Oak Park officials have been bribed by Monsanto. I seriously doubt that Jessica Newman is on the big ag payroll.
Why do they feel so threatened by veggies?
Ms. Newman mentioned in her letter to Time Magazine that she is concerned with dropping home values.
Quite frankly, even if home values dropped because people garden, I’d rather have home values lowered and reduce the many illnesses and deaths caused by supermarket foods.
This reminds me of 2004 – 2006, when I sued mortgage spammers, scammers, brokers and lenders like Ameriquest. I knew that prices would have to come down a LOT. However, most people, judges and attorneys felt that it was a GOOD thing to make loans to anyone who could sign their name, to falsify documentation and to advertise completely false loan terms to entice people to apply.
Sure, if regulators had enforced the laws and prohibited these vile practices, the home prices would not have ballooned. It was NECESSARY to inflate home values to supply the money needed to keep the economy going. However, the entire world would be in much better shape today if home values had stayed at 2004 levels. The profits of many speculators and especially the big bankers would have been a lot smaller.
Would that really have been so bad?
As Vandana Shiva said in 2008, the investors moved into food markets.
They want to control the food supply just like the Federal Reserve controls the monetary supply. You KNOW what that got us!
WHY allow corporations to “continue” to kill millions of human beings for profits?
We can’t stop them, but we CAN grow our own food and we can grow organic and non GMO food that won’t make us sick. I’m not proposing laws requiring people to grow food and not everybody needs to grow food. But everybody in their right mind SHOULD support locally grown organic food — in front yards, back yards, community gardens and on local farms, preferably in a permaculture setting with lots of fruit and nut trees, nitrogen fixers, berries, herbs and flowers.
I hope to post my letter to the Oak Park officials and to Jessica Newman over the weekend.