I’ve been very busy building and trying to earn a living and I also made the fatal mistake of installing Movable Type for blogging software.  MT is so horrible, I paid about $150 for software and support and finally abandoned it.  The MT arrogance and extraordinary unfair business practices left me in no mood to blog here.

My main blog runs on the commercial Expression Engine software and that’s a huge headache too.  Originally, back in 2004, they targeted END USERS, but the software is now geared towards developers.  They forgot to mention this to their customers.

Fortunately, I had to update my business site and finally worked myself up to installing the FREE WordPress blogging software.  It ROCKS!

I can’t understand how it can be free and so easy to install and use.  Unlimited themes!  Support as good as anywhere else and FREE.  Next time I have a few dollars to spare, I’ll send a donation.

I also tried the WordPress hosted blogs first, but I prefer to have my sites on MY server and have full control over anything.  Not to mention that it’s cheaper.

Installing the blog and getting it set up was the easy part.  Since I had two different blogs here and I don’t like to spend frustrating hours figuring out how to export/import posts, I decided to simply copy/paste the postings and change the publish date to the original post date.

I’m almost done with posting the old entries here and I found it very interesting to see what I’ve looked at 2 years ago and how much my plans and goals changed.  I’d still like many of those cool items I looked at, like shutters and big wooden gates, but I know that I won’t be ordering.  DYI is my new concept.

My nephew visited for 2 months in 2007 and 2008 to help build and now I’m on my own.  I turned 50 a couple months ago and I just hope I’ll live long enough to finish this place and to maybe even enjoy living here.

I learned to so much in the last 2 years, really wish I didn’t have to start all over in my next life.