I’ve been EXTREMELY busy, building sure takes a lot of time.  I was searching for vigas for the ADDITION, as I my credit cards are almost maxed out and I have to move in and have a kitchen, etc.  I’m converting 1/4 of the 1,500 sqft garage to living area and I’m going to add about 600 sqft so that I can build the “main” house later and keep this as a guesthouse.

The water is on, my solar panel (from the camper) is charging 2 golf cart batteries and on Thursday I got the propane tank—the water heater is up and running.  Now I’m trying to decide how to build the addition and in my search for vigas construction I ran across this very interesting page:

Financing Alternative Homes

That sure is a cool looking house!  Once I moved in and got a mortgage I’ll start on the main house.  And I’ll finally get my battery bank and MAYBE Nanosolar is going to sell their new solar film by then.  I’d love to try that.

Update 9/13/08:

Financing is obviously VERY difficult to obtain for any house due to the credit crisis.  I don’t have a mortgage or the money for major improvements.  But that’s not all bad, I had time to see how things work out in my house and made LOTS of changes.