I’ve been so busy with all kinds of other stuff, gave up on getting done before winter.  But then we had wonderful weather in October and it’s still sunny and warm during the day.   So I’m hopeful again.  Just have to get all the bricks made.   Once it’s cold and cloudy, they’ll take forever to dry and I can only make 5 per day.

I can’t believe all that crap laying around.  I haven’t used the dog house in 7 years.  But I bet I need it as soon as I throw it away.  Wish I knew someone who could use it.   I should ask Butch, maybe he’d like it since he’s often outside at night in the cold.

You can see all the bricks I’ve made, at least two rows.  I couldn’t use them yet since I just finished the roof today.   And I noticed that the horno bricks were 10″ long, so I made a bunch of those little bricks.  They’re perfect to finish up the wall next to the window.

Today I set the 2 x 12 for the first sliding glass door window.  Decided to install it horizontally.   I won’t put bricks on top since they’re too heavy, so I’ll double up R-19 insulation.   Hopefully, I can get the glass this weekend.  Am not quite sure yet how to frame it.  Should have bought some 2 x 4s.

I’m happy to report that the door closes well.  It was hard to install since it was used and the frame was a bit warped.  But for $20 it’s a good steel door.  Can’t wait to paint it, I’ll definitely go for the Mexican look.  Something bright and colorful.

The window opens and closes well!   I’m very glad I didn’t break it during installation.  I’ll have to move the ladder to finish the wall.   Fortunately I’m almost done with the roof now, just have to get a few sheets OSB to double up since that’s the access to the solar panels and the cooler will be on the addition roof, and who knows what else.  Want to get that wall finished ASAP, the interior of the window is wood I don’t want it to get wet.

And there’s Butch, lounging on the OSB while I didn’t get around to cut it for the roof.

Wish me luck getting the glass and installing it without breaking it … And with lots of luck, I’ll get done by Thanksgiving.