Finally moved site to

I finally moved the site to the new URL and all the posts and comments are all here.
Still have to set up the veggie blogs and it still looks a little different, but hopefully will get done tomorrow.

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  1. Too soon to tell if your world is a fit for us and ours, or ours being a fit for you, but am rooting for you guys and wish your efforts all the quickest and best success both on the web and on your high desert site! My wife and I find ourselves having to divest, and looking for workable options. We seem to share a progressive bent, and Mother Earth News and the like consume a good portion of our library, etc etc.. We currently live in Kansas, but but..

    1. Hi Ed,
      Thanks for your wishes. We’ve been so busy, just don’t get around to updating the website much lately — it’s planting time! And business picked up a little too and have to earn a living “on the side.”
      We’re taking hundreds of pictures and hopefully soon will have some time to post. Working on our new garden, really have to fence the entire property soon — the cows are out. And we finally started on the concrete footing for our greenhouse/living room addition.
      I’m very excited about making ethanol and just got fodder beet seeds and already started some sugar sorghum. This will be the test year, next year we should be able to grow enough to run our generators and vehicles on ethanol.
      If you come through our area, come by for a visit. It’s nothing like Kansas. I lived in Lincoln NE for a few years in the early 80s and it was too cold and too humid. Never thought I’d spend a summer in AZ, but I got used to it. It’s dry heat 🙂
      Good luck to you too!

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