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Wooden garage doors – the morons at the Home Depot and Clopay garage doors

Beautiful garage doors: —$4-8K Home Depot – no wood doors Home Depot Unfortunately, I was unable to get a quote.  The morons at Home Depot told me I needed to pay $50 for a “site inspection.” When I told them that I haven’t even poured the slab yet, they told me that …

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Exterior shutters and wooden windows (double hung) Couldn’t find any prices or online ordering anywhere, no dealer in my area.—various double hung window manufacturers Factory direct sales—no prices online, requested prices through their information request form—hidden doors, I thought they only had those in the movies.

Trusses … Today, in almost all parts of the country, one can go to a local lumberyard with a building design on the back of an envelope, watch the technician keyboard all the critical dimensions—spans, snow loads, roof pitch, and so on into the software formula— and, a few seconds later, watch the printer spit …

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Designer doors, kivas, etc. Of course Home Depot doors are cheaper.  Very cool online design options.  Hmm, just designed an entrance with two side panels and stained glass for about $1,500.  That’s a lot less than what I saw at Lowe’s recently.  Maybe I’m missing something. Lots of stuff at this site.

Flat roofs—gutters

box gutters waterproofing decks Flat metal roof with 20 year warranty “Twenty-year material warranties are customary for metal roofing systems, which is considerably longer than the standard protection for built-up and single-ply systems. Long-term warranties are sometimes offered for weathertightness on metal roofs, including those with a 1/4:12 slope.” “Metal standing seam roofs are …

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Rastra blocks – Mikey blocks – Omni blocks – Ytong ….

I just received my Amazon order with 2 solar books and started to go through John Schaeffer’s Real Goods Solar Living Source Book: The Complete Guide to Renewable Energy Technologies and Sustainable Living (Real Goods Solar Living Sourcebook) I barely got started, will update with my thoughts on the book once I made it through. …

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