I’ve been promising new pics for quite a few weeks, just been so busy.

Had a major snow storm before Xmas before I got the roof done.  The walls washed out since half the building roof drains on this addition and the roof became a priority.

I had never worked with sheet metal before and tried to keep the cuts in the single digits.   I don’t think I was successful and seemed to be bleeding constantly.  So I hope I don’t have to do this again any time soon.

Fortunately I still have LOTS of fabric and I had the elastomeric. While it was VERY cold at night (low 20s), it was sunny during the day and actually got quite warm up there.

One time I was COLD inside and went up on the roof and I stretched out in the sun right next to the wall and it was like taking a warm bath. NICE!

In January it warmed up and I’m almost done with the mud coat.  This pic is probably from mid Jan. 

So that’s where I’ve been stuck for at least a week. Had a little rain, this time only very minor wall damage where the water hits the ground. Forgot to lean a board against the wall.

Since it’s been freezing, I haven’t been able to make bricks and it’s been too cold and windy to do mud work even in the afternoon.

You can see the black plastic bottle, I have several bottles that I fill in the evening so I have WARM water the next afternoon for mud. I found that the plastic only lasts a few weeks outside, have to ask neighbors to save up bottles for me.

Hopefully it’ll warm up again soon. I’ve had little tomato seedlings on the window sills for weeks. Thought the mice or chipmunks would eat them, but I suppose they don’t know they’re there. One time a bunch of tomato seedlings froze, but a few survived. I got tired of carrying them inside every night.

Today I planted some more green onion seeds. I’m ready for spring.

Sure hope I’ll get the last wall done soon. Still have to do a lot of work inside too. Mud coat and then put in the insulation. It’ll probably be summer then.

I bought “fresh” lime probably 6 weeks ago for the outside lime coat, right before we got all that bad weather.