Last week we finally cleaned up our rather neglected raised beds and to my surprise the nasturtium is still thriving!

It got down to 21F in our hoophouse several weeks ago, so I expected the nasturtium to be frozen too.  It struggled all summer and apparently didn't like the heat in this bed on the south side of the garage. It sure made a comeback and is even flowering.
I love the slightly peppery taste in salads.  Amazingly, the bugs left the nasturtium alone while the perpetual spinach and chard took a serious beating.
We learned this year that we really need to maintain the plants and if we don't eat what we grow, we still need to cut off old leaves.  Butterflies and moths and the subsequent caterpillars and worms will take over if you don't keep up.
We got totally overwhelmed in the greenhouse, the hoophouse and the raised beds.  We had way too much chard and kale.  Soon we'll have the farmstand at the paved road and we can sell what we don't eat.