9/10/22: Male and female flowers along with zucchinis ready to harvest.

I just started harvesting and am thrilled.  Last year I got nothing.  They were so late after the HOT summer, it froze when they finally had female flowers.

I usually get only male flowers for the first couple of weeks or so.   And occasionally I didn’t have enough male flowers to pollinate the females.

In the pic you see the male and female flowers. When I had poor pollination, I cut off a male flower, picked off the flower petals and then hand-pollinated several females.   But now I’m too busy and I have so many insects.  And how many zucchini can I eat …

The plant in the pic is actually rooted a couple of feet away and mulched.  There used to be a water tank that we fortunately moved out this spring.  The space was badly needed for the fig that grew over two feet this year.

10/9/22 Fig and zucchini

10/9/22 Fig and zucchini

The zucchini grew towards the fig on its own.  Seems to do very well in the shade.

I can’t wait for the 2nd fig harvest.

10/9/22 2nd fig harvest

10/9/22 2nd fig harvest

Harvesting figs is difficult because they are so incredibly delicious when they’re very soft and the insects and critters are all waiting too.

Figs don’t have flowers to pollinate, they just grow little fruits.  Twice a year in our climate.

Just hope it doesn’t freeze soon.  It could freeze next week or not until Thanksgiving.  I think last year it froze around the middle of October.  We’ll see.