It bites to see that Prop 37 is moving from a clear win to defeat because the industry is spending $1 million per day on ads.
Here is an article by John Robbins about Henry I. Miller, the primary face and voice of the “No on Prop 37? campaign in California.

This Man is Lying About Your Food

… Who, then, is Henry I. Miller, and why should we believe him when he tells us that genetically engineered foods are perfectly safe?
Does it matter that this same Henry Miller is an ardent proponent of DDT and other toxic pesticides? Does it matter that the “No on Prop 37? ads are primarily funded by pesticide companies, the very same companies that told us DDT and Agent Orange were safe? …

It’s not that Californians are extraordinarily stupid, although there are more than I expected., such as Thomas Alan Hanson. He posted in a comment “… GMO is not an “ingredient” — it refers to a way of breeding plants. The FDA does not deem this to be a matter of health and safety, and they are correct. …”
It is fascinating that there are still people who believe our corrupt government (run by the planet’s most vile corporations.)
What happened to the most basic education?
Why don’t people KNOW that breeding plants will NEVER result in genes crossing species?
I’d sure like to see Thomas Alan Hanson try to breed a spider into a goat. What a fool.

Sorry for the rant. I’m going to transplant some lettuce now because I just cannot take this reality anymore.

I’ll be so glad when the elections are over. We have a choice been awful and horrible for president and this system clearly only works well for the elite with money to manipulate the many millions of semi retarded Americans glued to the boob tube.

Of course EVENTUALLY GM foods will not only be labeled, but BANNED.
AFTER millions of people suffered the painful consequences, chronic diseases and ultimately death and AFTER our environment has been so damaged that it may just be too late to recover.
If there is a hell, it’s for people like Mr. Miller.