Wakimoto Farms corn is genetically modified

I was planning an outing to the Wakimoto Farms for the High Desert Gardening Club and had called earlier to confirm the hours posted at the website, but forgot to ask the million dollar question:
Is the corn GMO?
So I just called back and unfortunately was advised that the corn is genetically modified and that that’s what they’ve been growing for 25 years.  BUMMER!
The lady hung up when I asked why they don’t grow non GMO corn.
Obviously, we won’t be visiting the Wakimoto Farms.
I didn’t get to ask the lady at Wakimoto whether their alfalfa is also genetically modified.
LKH Farms (Kingman Farms, former Rhoades on Stockton Hill) alfalfa is supposed to be non GMO (that could well be a lie as I’m finding out that the people of Kingman are extremely gullible), but it’s sprayed with pesticides and/or herbicides, so I can’t use it for mulch.
Maybe I’ll order some corn seed from Native Seeds / SEARCH:
With corn and also onions day-length requirements can be important:

Mountain Pima Yellow

Dulcillo del noroeste, a folkrace from western Chihuahua, Mexico at 5000′. Grow with summer rains in the low desert due to day-length requirements. Ears are 6 inches long with yellow kernels. Approx. 50 seeds (10 g).

High Mowing Seeds also has quite a few varieties of organic corn, both open pollinated and hybrids:
I’ve been very happy with the High Mowing seeds and there’s no minimum order for FREE shipping.
If you have any recommendations for late corn that does well in our area, please let me know!
In 16 years living in Mohave county I have never found non GMO corn cobs in any Kingman store and I haven’t had any corn on the cob in many years.
Since I don’t want to wait for the corn I might grow, I checked on stores in Vegas / Henderson:
I called Trader Joe’s in Henderson and they have some non GMO corn cobs left today, will get several cases tomorrow and the next day and they’ll even set some aside for you when you call so you don’t make the 2 hour trip for nothing.
Next I called Sprouts at and the produce guy told me that there’s no such thing as non GMO corn. I’ve read that all corn has been contaminated and that’s why Bob’s Red Mill would not advertise their corn products as GMO free — a few years ago.   But as I just looked for that info, Bob’s Red Mill CHANGED their approach:
Sweet corn was not nearly as contaminated as corn flour, but Monsanto is hard at work:
I don’t know why Sprouts won’t at least make an effort to source corn that’s non GMO.
It’s so important that we vote with our wallets — the only votes that count!
Every day I receive numerous emails about the DARK Act and evil companies like WHOLE FOODS (notice I did not call them — will NOT shop there again!) supporting Monsanto in its effort to preempt state law just as the Vermont labeling law goes into effect.  Our corrupt legislators (McCain and Flake in AZ) vote for death and disease because they’re bought and paid for by the industry and they have no morals whatsoever.  Even in our “pristine” Meadview aquifer — no industry or farming EVER — we have traces of glyphosate in our drinking water, probably because ignorant residents use Roundup on weeds.
I’ll be damned if I knowingly buy toxic food and pay Wakimoto Farms or anyone else to destroy the planet.
Shame on Wakimoto Farms!

Emailed to wakimotofarm1@gmail.com:

Request for comments regarding my post about Wakimoto GMO corn


I’ll greatly appreciate your comments for publication at
http://highdesertpermaculture.org/blog/2016/06/30/wakimoto-farms-corn-is-genetically-modified/  — preferably AFTER you read the studies linked at the end of my post.
Christine Baker

I also requested comments from Sprouts at https://sprouts.service-now.com/contact_us.do and will update here with any comments from Wakimoto or Sprouts.

FYI, if you don’t think that glyphosate kills, please read the studies.

UPDATE 11/20/16:  The Wakimoto GMO corn was sold at the Kingman Farmers Market on 11/19/16.

Shame on the Kingman Farmers Market! 
I just found out that the Kingman Farmers Market management DELIBERATELY decided to allow the sale of GMO corn because they don’t have a source of non GMO corn.
The kicker:  They did not even disclose to the customers that the corn is GMO!

I truly regret that I have supported and promoted the Kingman Farmers Market and quite likely some of my readers even bought and ate that GMO corn.  I am so sorry!
And I promise that I will do whatever I can to get GMOs out of the Kingman Farmers Market.

German farmer ruined by GM corn fights Syngenta and corrupt politicians

From William Engdahl’s interview with German dairy farmer Gottfried Glöckner:

‘Syngenta methods of silencing GMO opposition are unbelievable’

A German farmer has revealed shocking GMO company tactics to silence him in an exclusive interview with RT Op-Edge.
German dairy farmer, Gottfried Glöckner, has told William Engdahl about attempted blackmail, character assassination and, ultimately, wrongful imprisonment he suffered when he refused to back off his charges that the Anglo-Swiss GMO company, Syngenta, had provided him with highly toxic GMO Maize seeds that ruined his prize dairy herd and his land.
After spending two years in prison, Glöckner is traveling round the world to tell the story and warn the public of the extreme danger of GMO seeds.

GG: In the midst of my divorce proceedings suddenly my ex-wife, after she left our common home (the children, who were 17, 15 and 13, lived with me), was being represented by a new attorney provided to her by the industry lobbyist. With him she made the new charge against me of rape within the marriage. They presented no doctor’s report for that, also neither a psychological evaluation, nor credible statements from others, merely her allegation; that charge brought me, “in the name of the people,” directly into prison. I was released somewhat early after the state’s attorney learned of the true circumstances of my imprisonment.

WE: Did they want to make an example of you for other protesting farmers or was it something else in your view?

GG: I have to say as a former customer and injured party of Novartis/Syngenta, I find it unbelievable the methods this company operates with. In the time that I was in prison, a default summons of my ex-wife from the divorce settlement was executed twice. I paid the amount once, and after that the amount was again entered into the land register. The opposing attorney received the enforceable copy, which had already been settled, through my own attorney.

They also created a new company out of my farm holding where I had no legal rights; my office was broken into repeatedly, my home, files, machinery and electronic devices were stolen.

Furthermore, I had to fight five long years with the German Customs authorities.

They seized all my bank accounts and demanded I pay back money for milk going back four years on the argument that I was no longer a certified milk producer in the meaning of the Milk Quantity Guarantee Payments rules. All this took place during the time I made public the proof of presence of GMO in certain raw materials that had been labeled “contains no GMO.”

A Spiegel article in German:
Zukunftsmarkt Bioökonomie: Alles Leben wird zu Geld gemacht
It’s depressing to see how corrupt the German government is — owned by the industry just like the American government.

University of London Study proves pesticide exposure linked to bumblebee colony failures

A very interesting study confirming the obvious:

Bee image via AFP.Chronic exposure to pesticides has a bigger knock-on effect on bees than conventional probes suggest, according to a new study on Sunday touching on the mysterious collapse of bee colonies.
Biologists at the University of London carried out an exceptional field study into bumblebees exposed to two commonly used agricultural insecticides. ….
… In the colonies exposed to imidacloprid, fewer adult workers emerged from larvae and a higher proportion of foragers failed to return to the nest, the investigators found.
In those exposed to gamma-cyhalothrin, there was a higher death rate among worker bees.
And colonies that were exposed to both kinds of pesticides were likelier to fail.
The experiment was exceptionally long and detailed, the scientists say.

Pesticides are bad for bees.  What else would one expect?

Monsanto money causes defeat of Prop. 37 and GMO labeling?

It bites to see that Prop 37 is moving from a clear win to defeat because the industry is spending $1 million per day on ads.
Here is an article by John Robbins about Henry I. Miller, the primary face and voice of the “No on Prop 37? campaign in California.

This Man is Lying About Your Food

… Who, then, is Henry I. Miller, and why should we believe him when he tells us that genetically engineered foods are perfectly safe?
Does it matter that this same Henry Miller is an ardent proponent of DDT and other toxic pesticides? Does it matter that the “No on Prop 37? ads are primarily funded by pesticide companies, the very same companies that told us DDT and Agent Orange were safe? …

It’s not that Californians are extraordinarily stupid, although there are more than I expected., such as Thomas Alan Hanson. He posted in a comment “… GMO is not an “ingredient” — it refers to a way of breeding plants. The FDA does not deem this to be a matter of health and safety, and they are correct. …”
It is fascinating that there are still people who believe our corrupt government (run by the planet’s most vile corporations.)
What happened to the most basic education?
Why don’t people KNOW that breeding plants will NEVER result in genes crossing species?
I’d sure like to see Thomas Alan Hanson try to breed a spider into a goat. What a fool.

Sorry for the rant. I’m going to transplant some lettuce now because I just cannot take this reality anymore.

I’ll be so glad when the elections are over. We have a choice been awful and horrible for president and this system clearly only works well for the elite with money to manipulate the many millions of semi retarded Americans glued to the boob tube.

Of course EVENTUALLY GM foods will not only be labeled, but BANNED.
AFTER millions of people suffered the painful consequences, chronic diseases and ultimately death and AFTER our environment has been so damaged that it may just be too late to recover.
If there is a hell, it’s for people like Mr. Miller.

VIDEO: "WHY in the world are they spraying"

Chemtrail sunset in the Joshua Tree desert

We’ve been sprayed for many years!  I’ve seen reports of Barium poisoning in Golden Valley and I’m very glad to see that more and more people are becoming aware of this outrageous pollution of our only inhabitable planet.
From the WHY in the World are They Spraying?” website:

By Michael J. Murphy, Co-Producer of “WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING
Since the release of the groundbreaking documentary WHAT in the World are They Spraying?”, millions have woken up to the damaging effects from chemtrail/geoengineering programs. As a result, movements around the world are being formed to address these crimes. While many who were previously unaware of these programs are now taking action, the question now that is often asked is “Why” is this happening. Michael J. Murphy, Originator and Co-Producer of “What in the World are They Spraying?” in association with Barry Kolsky have produced “Why in the World are They Spraying?” which will answer that question.
“Why in the World are They Spraying?” is an investigative documentary into one of the many agendas associated with chemtrail/geoengineering programs, “weather control”.
We are encouraging everyone who purchases a DVD to make copies and hand out for free in support of our vision of making this issue known to all. Order yours now!

Here is the trailer for the new documentary WHY in the World are They Spraying?”: Continue reading “VIDEO: "WHY in the world are they spraying"”

Recycled paper for food packaging determined dangerous in Germany

Last night I read at the German news site Stern Ölpest im Karton — an article about carcinogens and toxins in cardboard packaging from recycled paper.  MOSH (“mineral oil saturated hydrocarbons”) and MOAH (“mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons”) are the culprits.

I searched the web and only found this almost one year old page:
3/23/10:  Is mineral oil from recycled paper a threat to food safety?
The Germans have now answered with a very clear YES.
Animal testing resulted in liver inflammation and lymph node damage. They established maximums of .01 milligrams of Mosh per kilogram of body weight.
A Swiss analysis documented 3 mg per 100 grams (3.5 oz) of rice and 8 mg in 100 grams of couscous.
Rice, flour and cornflakes are especially likely to be contaminated due to their large surface area.
I have no idea whether this is a problem in America as I found no mention of any studies.  We do buy whole wheat pasta in cardboard packaging.
The Germans recommend packaging the food in plastic, which comes with its own hazards. Not only is it NOT entirely impermeable, but bacteria tend to multiply faster in plastic.
Just can't win …
The German long term solution is to use different ink, utilizing plant-based oils.

Dumbing-Down Society Part 3: How to Reverse its Effects

Another great article:

Dumbing-Down Society Part 3: How to Reverse its Effects

Jul 24th, 2010 | By Vigilant | Category: Vigilant Reports
The first two parts of this series describes the negative effects that some commonly consumed chemicals have on the body and brain. This third and final part looks at some natural ways to keep the brain healthy and provides tips to rid the body of dangerous substances. In other words, how to fight back against the dumbing down of society!
Parts I and II of this series of articles identified some toxic substances found in common foods and medicines and described some of their effects on the human brain. The main culprits discussed were aspartame, mercury, fluoride and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Whether these substances disturb the nervous system, decrease cognitive function, impair judgment, or affect the memory, the net result is the general dumbing down of society.

All is not doom and gloom, however. Nature, with its wonderful tendency to restore equilibrium, provides us humans the cure to almost any affliction we might develop. Ancient healers even believed that nature helped humans discover the cure to their illnesses in subtle and mysterious ways:

The bottom line:

In Conclusion

This article examines the ways to avoid harmful substances in everyday products and looks at a handful of all-natural ways to free the body from their poisonous grasp. In addition to providing us the necessary nutrients used by the body to evacuate toxins, the natural substances described in this article also help maintain general heath. Regularly consuming cilantro, garlic, turmeric and Omega-3 boosts the immune system, improves rational thinking and increases memory. The amazing properties of those simple ingredients are only now being (slowly) documented by science, but they have been used by cultures worldwide for centuries.
We are conditioned to treat ailments caused by artificial products with other artificial products, that, in turn, can cause other ailments. It is only by breaking this vicious circle that we can reclaim ownership of our brains and reach our fullest potential. So, today’s a new day: Put down the cheeseburger-flavored Doritos … and change your life.

Not mentioned in the conclusion is Chlorella.  From the article:

Chlorella: Cilantro’s Side-Kick

In addition to repairing and activating the body’s detoxification functions, chlorella is known to bind to all known toxic metals and environmental toxins and facilitate their evacuation. This makes chlorella cilantro’s perfect sidekick.

I just looked up Chlorella on Wiki and it states “Chlorella actually loses most of its nutritional value when altered or processed in any way.”
So what do we do?
And I just don't understand why our CILANTRO is not growing well at all.
We tried several types of seeds, they sprouted fine, but in the greenhouse they got mites and when we transplanted out  they died.  I've put seeds out directly too – nothing.  A few years ago I had so much cilantro at my old place, I didn't know what to do with it anymore.  I actually forgot about planting more the last few months.
Have to try again.

Dumbing Down Society Pt 2: Mercury in Foods and Vaccines

I had no idea that HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) contains mercury.
We've been avoiding foods with HFCS for about the last year.
My sister has mercury poisoning and that's most likely why she has trouble remembering.  They detected the mercury poisoning by having her resist to pressure on her arm while holding bottles with various metals.  She had no strength in her arm when holding the mercury bottle.  I have no idea WHY that works, but they confirmed the mercury poisoning through a lab test.
She thinks the mercury leaked from her dental fillings, but who knows.  Since the mercury ends up in the BRAIN, it's very hard to get rid of, but she's taking some algae stuff and hopefully it'll help.
I can understand that people get accidentally pois0ned, but to knowingly poison the entire populations through vaccines and foods is an atrocity.
Another MUST READ article at Vigilant Citizen:

Dumbing Down Society Pt 2: Mercury in Foods and Vaccines
Jul 9th, 2010 | By Vigilant | Category: Vigilant Reports
Even though mercury is known to degenerate brain neurons and disrupt the central nervous system, it is still found in processed foods and mandatory vaccines. In this second part of the series examining the intentional dumbing-down of society, this article will discuss the presence of mercury in common foods and vaccines.

The first article in this series – Dumbing Down Society Pt 1: Foods, Beverages and Meds – looked at the effects of aspartame, fluoride and prescription pills on the human brain. These substances all cause a decrease of cognitive power which, on a large scale, leads to a dumbing down of the population that is ingesting them. This second article focuses on another toxic product found in everyday foods and mandatory vaccines: mercury.
Mercury is a heavy metal naturally found in the environment. However, it is not suitable for human consumption, as it is extremely harmful to the human body, especially the brain. While some people say that anything can be consumed in moderation, many experts agree that no amount of mercury is safe for the human body. Despite this and the many studies concerning the negative effects of  mercury, the heavy metal is continually added to mandatory vaccines and processed foods.

Please DO read the entire article.  I'm so glad we're started to grow our own food.