I was planning an outing to the Wakimoto Farms for the High Desert Gardening Club and had called earlier to confirm the hours posted at the website, but forgot to ask the million dollar question:
Is the corn GMO?
So I just called back and unfortunately was advised that the corn is genetically modified and that that’s what they’ve been growing for 25 years.  BUMMER!
The lady hung up when I asked why they don’t grow non GMO corn.
Obviously, we won’t be visiting the Wakimoto Farms.
I didn’t get to ask the lady at Wakimoto whether their alfalfa is also genetically modified.
LKH Farms (Kingman Farms, former Rhoades on Stockton Hill) alfalfa is supposed to be non GMO (that could well be a lie as I’m finding out that the people of Kingman are extremely gullible), but it’s sprayed with pesticides and/or herbicides, so I can’t use it for mulch.
Maybe I’ll order some corn seed from Native Seeds / SEARCH:
With corn and also onions day-length requirements can be important:

Mountain Pima Yellow

Dulcillo del noroeste, a folkrace from western Chihuahua, Mexico at 5000′. Grow with summer rains in the low desert due to day-length requirements. Ears are 6 inches long with yellow kernels. Approx. 50 seeds (10 g).

High Mowing Seeds also has quite a few varieties of organic corn, both open pollinated and hybrids:
I’ve been very happy with the High Mowing seeds and there’s no minimum order for FREE shipping.
If you have any recommendations for late corn that does well in our area, please let me know!
In 16 years living in Mohave county I have never found non GMO corn cobs in any Kingman store and I haven’t had any corn on the cob in many years.
Since I don’t want to wait for the corn I might grow, I checked on stores in Vegas / Henderson:
I called Trader Joe’s in Henderson and they have some non GMO corn cobs left today, will get several cases tomorrow and the next day and they’ll even set some aside for you when you call so you don’t make the 2 hour trip for nothing.
Next I called Sprouts at and the produce guy told me that there’s no such thing as non GMO corn. I’ve read that all corn has been contaminated and that’s why Bob’s Red Mill would not advertise their corn products as GMO free — a few years ago.   But as I just looked for that info, Bob’s Red Mill CHANGED their approach:
Sweet corn was not nearly as contaminated as corn flour, but Monsanto is hard at work:
I don’t know why Sprouts won’t at least make an effort to source corn that’s non GMO.
It’s so important that we vote with our wallets — the only votes that count!
Every day I receive numerous emails about the DARK Act and evil companies like WHOLE FOODS (notice I did not call them — will NOT shop there again!) supporting Monsanto in its effort to preempt state law just as the Vermont labeling law goes into effect.  Our corrupt legislators (McCain and Flake in AZ) vote for death and disease because they’re bought and paid for by the industry and they have no morals whatsoever.  Even in our “pristine” Meadview aquifer — no industry or farming EVER — we have traces of glyphosate in our drinking water, probably because ignorant residents use Roundup on weeds.
I’ll be damned if I knowingly buy toxic food and pay Wakimoto Farms or anyone else to destroy the planet.
Shame on Wakimoto Farms!

Emailed to wakimotofarm1@gmail.com:

Request for comments regarding my post about Wakimoto GMO corn


I’ll greatly appreciate your comments for publication at
http://highdesertpermaculture.org/blog/2016/06/30/wakimoto-farms-corn-is-genetically-modified/  — preferably AFTER you read the studies linked at the end of my post.
Christine Baker

I also requested comments from Sprouts at https://sprouts.service-now.com/contact_us.do and will update here with any comments from Wakimoto or Sprouts.

FYI, if you don’t think that glyphosate kills, please read the studies.

UPDATE 11/20/16:  The Wakimoto GMO corn was sold at the Kingman Farmers Market on 11/19/16.

Shame on the Kingman Farmers Market! 
I just found out that the Kingman Farmers Market management DELIBERATELY decided to allow the sale of GMO corn because they don’t have a source of non GMO corn.
The kicker:  They did not even disclose to the customers that the corn is GMO!

I truly regret that I have supported and promoted the Kingman Farmers Market and quite likely some of my readers even bought and ate that GMO corn.  I am so sorry!
And I promise that I will do whatever I can to get GMOs out of the Kingman Farmers Market.