We went to Vegas to pick up a work bench for a friend and decided to go to the NV state nursery.  We got some plants in October 2010 and MOST survived.  It was unfortunate that we planted right before the extremely cold winter and some plants froze.   Since we’re not expecting any major cold spells, we decided to get some more trees and shrubs..
Amazingly, I had just read about the medicinal use of horse tail and they had exactly one.  Their plants are very affordable, $3 per 1 gallon pot.  We spent $66, so that’s 22 plants.
They’re still in the hoophouse:

The large pot has willow cuttings from last year and we’ll probably start to plant some of the new shrubs tomorrow.
While the nursery is open to the public, you have to certify that the plants will only be used for certain purposes such as erosion control, wind break, attracting wild life, etc.  Here is our bill including the listing of all plants they have.
A great deal and yes, they sell to Arizonans.  What do the state of Arizona, the university and extension do for us?
No plant sales and not even soil xenical uk buy tests.
So I highly recommend checking out the NV state nursery.  It’s north of Las Vegas in a very nice park with lakes and many birds:

Getting there:
It’s actually VERY easy to find.   Take 93 to Henderson (it turns into 95) and stay on it all the way through Vegas. Do NOT go on 15, stay on 95 and take the Durango exit.
Then take Durango until you see the brown sign for the park and follow the signs.  There is NO charge for visitors going to the nursery, which is all the way in the back.
The Google map: