Recently I placed my first order with Territorial Seed after reading about the new Indigo Rose tomato bred at Oregon State University:

Indigo Rose

80 days. Unlike any tomato that we have seen! Indigo Rose is the first high-anthocyanin tomato commercially available anywhere in the world. The high amount of anthocyanin (a naturally occurring pigment that has been shown to fight disease in humans) creates quite a vibrant indigo, almost blue skin on the 2 inch, round fruit. The purple coloring occurs on the portion of the fruit that is exposed to light, while the shaded portion starts out green and turns deep red when mature. Inside, the flesh reveals the same rouge tone with a superbly balanced, multi-faceted tomatoey flavor. The indeterminate plants have an open habit and are very vigorous producers. Bred at Oregon State University. Also available as a conventional or grafted plant.

Here is our order:

1 HR1050/P Basil-Finissimo Verde A Palla – Basil-Fin Verde A Palla $3.90
1 HR1051/P Basil-Red Lettuce Leaved – Basil-Red Lettuce Leaved $5.30
2 HR1160/S Epazote – Epazote Seeds $5.50
1 ON557/P Guardsman Onion – Guardsman $5.15
1 PP709/M Hot Claw Pepper
Organic – Hot Claw Organic
1 SB770/P Italian Alpine Strawberry Seed – Italian Alpine $7.55
1 HR1214/S Lavender-Ellagance Purple – Lavender-Ellagance Purple Seeds $3.85
1 MS474/P Mild Mesclun Blend – Mild Mesclun Blend Seeds $4.55
1 FL2970/P Morning Glory-Split Second – Morning Glory-Split Second $10.15
1 SQ810/P Patio Star Squash – Patio Star $5.70
1 FL3070/P Poppy-Rosa Romantica – Poppy-Rosa Romantica $6.45
1 BR106/L Purple Peacock Broccoli
Organic – Purple Peacock Broccoli Seeds Organic
1 ON560/P Purplette Onion – Purplette $4.85
1 ON556/P Red Beard Onion – Red Beard $4.35
1 BN048/S Red Noodle Bean – Red Noodle Bean Seeds $4.35
1 HR1356/S Thyme-Creeping – Thyme-Creeping Seeds $3.25
1 HR1100/P Variegated Cat Grass – Variegated Cat Grass Seeds $3.85
Subtotal: $90.15
Shipping Rate: $7.50
Total: $97.65

For days I had been looking at their website, adding seeds, deleting seeds, trying to keep it under $100.   A neighbor wanted the Morning Glory and  Poppy and we decided to order the larger packs to bring down the cost per seed.
And a gardening club member wanted the Patio Star Squash and we got a larger pack of that too, but I somehow missed that it is a hybrid.   That they sell hybrids is the one thing I don’t like about Territorial.
I had never even heard of Cat Grass and since the Catnip is doing so well, I thought I’d try it.   Hot Claw Pepper is another new plant for us.  And I sure hope we’ll get some onions.
Note the absence of any tomatoes in my order. 
While talking on the phone to a friend about something totally unrelated the day after I ordered, I all of a sudden remembered that I forgot to order the Indigo Rose tomato.  I called Territorial and I was very happy when they added it to my order.  Excellent customer service!   And now I can’t wait to see how this tomato does in the desert.
The shipping is really high at $7.50 and while I searched for discount coupons and possibly free shipping, I found nothing.
Territorial included a 10% off coupon:

“enter code LTWJA1” — expires 2/29/12

Hope it works for you!