The timing was PERFECT, just as we got done planting all the trees it SNOWED. It melted by evening, but it was great to get badly needed moisture.

The dogs LOVED the snow and played outside all day.

We THOUGHT that this is Mormon Tea, but several neighbors told us that it’s not, but don’t have an id yet.  They smell really intense, a bit like citrus.

A few weeks ago we got some gravel for the grey water system.   We ordered some sodium bentonite (clay) in Vegas to water-proof it some more.  We planted a California pepper on each side of the dirt mount on the left and will plant “something” on the hill once we’re done with the new garden.

We transplanted some garlic from pots to the Southern bed and it’s amazing to see how the roots grow straight through bio char.

We got dirt from the bed on the north side where we grew corn, squash and other veggies last year.  Fortunately we screened the soil, because we found a bunch of these nasty grubs.

On our way to Dolan Springs we followed this water hauler for a while.  Sad.