Peaceful Valley website nightmare and deceptive ad for Goji (wolf) berries, grapes and currants

I was very excited after watching the Peaceful Valley / video about Goji Berries and I spent MANY hours getting my order together.   About a week ago I was ready to order:

After a great deal of frustration I realized that the berries featured in the ad are actually NOT featured at all and the 20% off coupon did not apply to them.
I then did some research and decided to order 20 or 30 Goji berries elsewhere and I also deleted the grapes and black berries.  So finally I was trying to order and there’s NOTHING I can do to get them to NOT charge me $24 for shipping in TWO boxes.
This is so incredibly frustrating.  I checked the box to ship all items whenever the backordered stuff comes in, countless times I have to check this box and that box and no matter WHAT I do, at the last page they want to charge me for TWO boxes.  I finally deleted the back ordered strawberries, but I’m still looking at $24 in shipping for TWO packages.
And what kindof crappy offer is that $12 shipping anyway?  They used to have worthwhile specials.  I’ve had enough of PV wasting my time.  It should be FUN to get ready for spring gardening.  How disappointing.

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  1. I had a similar shipping problem when trying to order potato seeds. I had added to my order to get ‘free shipping’, or something like that; only to have it put into two shipments. I ended up deleting the add on items.
    I was happy with the seed potatoes though. Especially when I went a month later to my local Farm Supply/ Fertilizer place. They had not been able to get the seed potatoes because the midwest was frozen and the ‘seed’ would freeze in transport. Ahhhh! In this case, I’m sure glad I went ahead with some of my purchase. Here, we’re having late Spring weather, and seemed to have just skipped Winter… for now.

  2. We’ve been very lucky SO FAR and escaped most of the extreme freezes, except in early December when it got down to 4 F.
    Regarding my Peaceful Valley order, I hoped that they would contact me since I emailed this URL to them last night through their “report bugs” link. No such luck.
    Just looked to see whether I could place my order today, but the items I REALLY need (bug blaster nozzle and wand) now show as available for shipping as of tomorrow, which will no doubt result again in TWO charges for shipping. And I really don’t want to pay $12 for shipping for just these two items. If I wasn’t so tired after a long day of transplanting seedlings into our hoophouse, I’d order from Amazon right now.
    It’s really too bad that they don’t care anymore. I’ve posted the coupons and specials here many times, but it looks like another company gone bad. Good products and often good prices, but NO customer service whatsoever. Too bad.

    1. Hi Christine,
      First, I want to thank you for your patronage in the past, as well as the promotion you’ve done via your blog. You’ve been a good friend to Peaceful Valley and we’ve certainly noticed.
      Our newsletter was never intended to be misleading, we can certainly see how the recent run (which was designed to try and highlight a number of bare root products, such as strawberries, blueberries, gojis, etc. coming in to stock while discounting products that were related to said bare root stock) was confusing and disappointing. We have no interest in leaving our customers feeling like we pulled a bait and switch. In response to your valid complaint, we will be changing up the way we offer promotions via our newsletter.
      As far as the shipping issue, without knowing the full contents of your original cart (with quantities and the like), I can’t explain what happened or make sure that you didn’t encounter some sort of error. If you’d like to give me a list of the products you tried to order, I can recreate your cart on my own and find out what happened.
      I’d also like to take personal responsibility for the delay in response and for that I apologize. Your bug report was certainly taken seriously and we very much care about the experiences of our customers.
      Please feel free to respond to me directly at – I’m more than happy to take a look at what you encountered while ordering. Thanks again for your support in the past and I do hope to hear from you again.

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