Why I do NOT work in the morning when it's cool

Lately just about EVERYBODY tells me how I need to get up at sunrise and work outside until it’s too hot.  And I refuse to do so because I don’t need more injuries, don’t need to be miserable all day and it just doesn’t work for me.
So I had to watch Marjory Wildcraft’s video on SLEEP and how she almost lost her leg:

Yup, she was lucky!
In theory, getting up at 5 am and heading outside, working until it’s “too hot”, then doing lunch and siesta until 5 pm or so sounds great.  In reality, if I sleep during the day, I don’t wake up refreshed at all, but then can’t sleep at night and it just screws me up even more.  Both my grandpas used to take naps in the afternoon, but it’s not for me.
And then there’s the “too hot”.   During last week’s heatwave, it was WAY too hot when I got up around 10 am and approaching 100 F.  I remember that I felt too hot even by 8 am the few times I tried to work in the morning.   Sometimes I’ve been screening dirt till 11 pm and it was still 90 F — but DARK.  It’s nice to work outside with a bright moon (snakes are out too!)  But working in 90 F in the SUN is totally different.
Not to mention that I can’t water or transplant in the morning, the poor seedlings would be fried by evening.
I need a bout 8 hours of sleep to be fully functional, but especially when I have to get up early, I can’t sleep at night.  And then I actually need to make up for the lost hours, if I get 4 hours one night, I should sleep 10 or 11 hours the next night to make up for it.  That’s just how it works for me.
I’m very busy, managing a new Airbnb house and trying to keep everything going in the gardens.  Fortunately have a helper here and he goes to bed early and gets up at 5 or 6 am and works then.  But he’s also completely fried the rest of the day, not good for much of anything.  That’s what the heat does.  It’s ok for him because he has to do absolutely NOTHING the rest of the day.   I got 10 hours of research, web work and decision making to do on the average day in addition to the outside work.
Of course it’s also extremely important for our health to get plenty of sleep as sleeping RESTORES and HEALS body and mind.
Every person is DIFFERENT.  Some people need less sleep and love napping.  Do what works for YOU and stay healthy!

The Sacred Plant: Healing Secrets Exposed — free documentary

This 7 part series is free on Youtube, but each episode is only available for 24 hours and it started yesterday.   I just watched the beginning of the first episode and it is about the medical benefits of cannabis (marijuana).
I really wish I could grow hemp as it would help so much with wind breaks and it also has so many incredible uses.
So if you or a loved one has serious medical problems, check it out for free right now:

Why I won't take the flu shot and why I have not had the flu in many years

I haven’t gotten a flu shot EVER and I haven’t gotten any other shots other than tetanus once every 15 years or so in 35+ years.   I also haven’t had the flu in at least 15 years — unlike many people who get the flu vaccine and then get sick.
Dr. Mercola wrote at Pregnant Nurse Fired for Refusing Flu Shot:

Nurse Fired by Placing Baby’s Safety First…

… The nurse, Dreonna Breton, who has already had two miscarriages, told her employer she did not want to get a flu shot this year due to the potential risks to her baby, noting the lack of vaccine safety studies done in pregnant women. She submitted letters from both her obstetrician and primary care doctor in support of her decision, and offered to wear a mask throughout the flu season.
Personnel exempted from the flu vaccine due to religious reasons typically wear masks, and it’s an effective way to protect both yourself and your patients not only from influenza but other flu-like respiratory infections as well.
Her employer disagreed, however, and told her she’d be fired as of December 17 if she didn’t get vaccinated before then. A spokesman for Horizons Healthcare Services told CNN that “it’s unconscionable for a health care worker not to be immunized.”
This responsible pregnant mother did her research, and subsequently rejected a pharma product. The hospital administration at Horizons Healthcare Services fired her for this. If you would like to express your unhappiness with the hospital, as well as your commitment to not going there and telling others not to as well, we encourage you to do so. ….

I called Horizons and the operator also got her flu shot.  When I asked why, she offered to take my info down and promised that somebody would get back to me.  I’ll update if that happens, which is unlikely.
Here are Dr. Mercola’s recommendation on flu prevention and staying healthy: Continue reading “Why I won't take the flu shot and why I have not had the flu in many years”

Watch FOOD MATTERS free until Tuesday

I recently watched  “Food Matters” while I planted some more lettuce seeds and I was very inspired:
It’s free to watch until Tuesday.
Right now I’m looking at juicers and I’m having a tough time deciding which juicer we should get ourselves for Christmas. Many people like the VitaMix, but Food Matters recommends the Hurom and many reviewers on Amazon complain about the complete lack of customer service and NO replacement parts by Hurom.  So I just sent an email inquiring about that to Food Matters.
Also, I’m totally overwhelmed by the many different Vita-Mix models.  It seems that some also grind dry food, which would be a very nice feature to have since we grow sorghum and other grains.  I suppose you can’t do that with the Hurom.
And now I looked at the Nutri Bullet and it sure is a lot cheaper.  But the new 900 model doesn’t have a milling blade and it seems they don’t offer it as accessory.  Strange.  They have such a good deal at Kohl’s, I’m considering ordering it.
UPDATE:  Food Matters is on Netflix and I also enjoyed watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

Tulsi (holy basil) can slow down aging?

The Morning Drink that Can Slow Down Your Aging Process

Research has shown that this drink, which is used more frequently than coffee in India, contains many antioxidants that can slow the aging process!

On that page are a news video and many interesting comments.   Last summer, my basil was a complete failure.  It didn’t grow well and had no aroma whatsoever.   Lavender, mint, oregano and rosemary did ok.

There are so many varieties of basil, I’ll order some seeds for “holy” basil and see how that does next year.

Here’s a lot more info on Tulsi tea:


The only proven cause of breast cancer is radiation

I’m the oldest living woman in my bloodline and all women going back to WW2 died in their 40s or early 50s.  My mother and her cousin died from breast cancer.

So I read the article below with great interest.  I’ve previously heard that mammograms often cause cancer and my grandparents’ health deteriorated rapidly after a high voltage power line was routed directly over their cabin.

I’m a long way from being a health freak, but I rarely use my cell phone anymore, don’t have a cordless phone (worse than cell phones) and try to eat mostly organic food.

The Biggest Breast Cancer Risk Factor That No One Is Talking About

By Lucinda Marshall, AlterNet. Posted October 23, 2008.

While the media sound alarms about breast cancer’s links to lifestyle choices and genetics, a much more likely risk factor is going undiscussed.

During October, women are bombarded with media telling us what we can do to stop breast cancer. Article after article after television human interest segment informs us about personal risk factors such as smoking and being overweight (although 70 percent of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer have none of these factors) and about genetic risks (which only account for 10 percent of breast cancers.) We are bombarded with stories about the importance of getting mammograms and other tests. Then there are the survivor stories (usually about women much younger, whiter and cover-girl prettier than the average breast cancer survivor) that pull at our heartstrings. But there is very little mention of environmental factors such as auto exhaust, and chemicals like parabens and phthalates that we are exposed to every day.

The most deafening silence, however, is about radiation, which is a 100 percent known cause of cancer. We are exposed to radiation in a variety of ways, through X-rays, CT scans and mammograms, but also by living near a nuclear power plant or having been exposed to weaponry that uses depleted uranium.

Leuren Moret is geoscientist who has been working for a number of years to raise awareness about the dangers of radiation, an issue she became concerned about after hearing Native American women who live near areas where nuclear weapons have been tested talk about cancer and other health problems they are experiencing and by a visit to Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan. In this interview, she talks about what we know about the relationship between radiation and breast cancer.

… [extensive interview worth reading]