I recently watched  “Food Matters” while I planted some more lettuce seeds and I was very inspired:
It’s free to watch until Tuesday.
Right now I’m looking at juicers and I’m having a tough time deciding which juicer we should get ourselves for Christmas. Many people like the VitaMix, but Food Matters recommends the Hurom and many reviewers on Amazon complain about the complete lack of customer service and NO replacement parts by Hurom.  So I just sent an email inquiring about that to Food Matters.
Also, I’m totally overwhelmed by the many different Vita-Mix models.  It seems that some also grind dry food, which would be a very nice feature to have since we grow sorghum and other grains.  I suppose you can’t do that with the Hurom.
And now I looked at the Nutri Bullet and it sure is a lot cheaper.  But the new 900 model doesn’t have a milling blade and it seems they don’t offer it as accessory.  Strange.  They have such a good deal at Kohl’s, I’m considering ordering it.
UPDATE:  Food Matters is on Netflix and I also enjoyed watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.