Gro-Well legal threats over toxic sewage sludge

A few minutes ago I received the Gro-Well response to my 8/23/10 request for comments regarding my post Toxic sewage sludge (biosolids) sold with garden soil by Gro-Well and Organic Gardening test gardener Leslie Doyle.
The pdf file:
8/31/10 DLA Piper LEGAL threats on behalf of Gro-Well
Recently I read EVERYTHING at the GroWell website and I didn’t find a single mention of sewage sludge or biosolids.  I also could NOT find any information about what is in their composts.
Apparently Gro-Well retained the law firm DLA Piper LLC and here is a choice excerpt from Allison L. Kierman’s legal threats:

.. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has endorsed and supported the use of biosolid compost and has found that compost-enriched soil can “suppress diseases and ward off pests,” and has many other benefits. …

They freely admit that the toxins in the sewage sludge “ward off” pests! Continue reading “Gro-Well legal threats over toxic sewage sludge”