A few minutes ago I received the Gro-Well response to my 8/23/10 request for comments regarding my post:

Toxic sewage sludge (biosolids) sold with garden soil by Gro-Well and Organic Gardening test gardener Leslie Doyle.

The pdf file:
8/31/10 DLA Piper LEGAL threats on behalf of Gro-Well

Recently I read EVERYTHING at the GroWell website and I didn’t find a single mention of sewage sludge or biosolids.  I also could NOT find any information about what is in their composts.

Apparently Gro-Well retained the law firm DLA Piper LLC and here is a choice excerpt from attorney Allison L. Kierman‘s legal threats:

.. The United States Environmental Protection Agency has endorsed and supported the use of biosolid compost and has found that compost-enriched soil can “suppress diseases and ward off pests,” and has many other benefits. …

They freely admit that the toxins in the sewage sludge “ward off” pests!I do NOT want any PESTICIDES on my property!

Logically, if we EAT the TOXINS that “ward off” pests, we’ll get sick. DUH!

We’re trying to grow ORGANIC!!!

Gro-Well seems to be another Monsanto.

I hope you all watched Food, Inc, we saw it on Netflix.  This is how Monsanto puts honest and hard-working farmers out of business. They sic their scum-sucking, bottom-feeding lawyers on the farmers until everybody uses their genetically modified seeds, herbicides, and pesticides.  They don’t care how many millions of people they kill.

Gro-Well COULD have provided me with the link to the datasheets at their website and of course with the independent test results of their sewage sludge compost along with the exact origin of their sewage sludge.

Gro-Well COULD have chosen to DISCLOSE the content of sewage sludge in their products.

Gro-Well’s response confirmed my worst suspicions.

7/1/22 update:

I never heard from LIAR attorney Allison L. Kierman or anyone affiliated with DLA Piper LLC  or Grow-Well again!

Would LOVE to get sued for publicizing their FRAUD and the TRUTH.