Anyone growing Lion’s Mane mushrooms?

I have a visitor very much into mushrooms and we’re definitely going to grow several varieties.   Unfortunately, our high desert dry hot / cold climate is not at all suitable for portobello mushrooms, love those as meat substitute as I’m less and less into eating animals.
In our research we found Lion’s Mane:
The described benefits are just incredible and I’m especially interested in enhancing brain function!
Lion's mane mushroom - Dr. Axe
If you have any experience eating or growing Lion’s Mane or other mushrooms, please let me know!

2 Replies to “Anyone growing Lion’s Mane mushrooms?”

  1. Only mushroom I’ve been able to grow outdoors in the high desert is oyster. You might be able to grow Lion’s Mane in a small shed where you can control temperature and humidity.

    1. We might grow some oyster shrooms too. Our new in-ground winter greenhouse in the walapini is performing quite well and it’s a lot more humid and warmer at night. Still struggling with keeping it from overheating on those sunny warm days. We could dig out a little chamber for even more intense temperature control for mushrooms that don’t need light or very little light.
      Appreciate your feedback, I just quit eating meat and love mushrooms.

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