After it rained today I went to check whether the swales or our holding pond had any water (they didn’t) and I was very surprised to see that our little peach tree actually had a little peach:

I immediately picked it and it didn’t even occur to me to check whether it was ripe.  Lucky for us, it was ripe and it tasted ok.  Next spring we should put a bamboo fence around it so the wind won’t blow the blossoms and little fruits off.
It’s a dwarf tree and I don’t think it has grown at all since I got it in 2008.   We just put it in the ground a couple years ago and it’s out of the way on the hill in crappy soil and I rarely think about it.   We should make an effort to water and fertilize more often, but the hill really isn’t a priority right now since we’re still working on screening dirt in the hoophouse. More on that in the next post.