Last night I did some research, but MOST info is for Southern Arizona where it rarely freezes.  We'd like to get plants that will LIVE through the winter.
I don't have several HOURS to read right now, but hope to get to reading the DELEP newsletters soon:
Desert Legume Program
Getting the link to post here, I got sidetracked and read the fascinating story of the Arizona Mesquite Company:

… We approached the National Parks Service who manages numerous parks located on the Colorado River which encompasses several bosques. The pods were considered a nuisance and they were happy to let me have them. In the summer of 2008 we raked and loaded 5000 lbs of pods and saved them from certain compost.
The pods were then cleaned hand sorted, washed and set in the sun to dry. …

They're growing mesquite for sale, food and lumber.  It's too bad they don't have a website, but you can order their organic mesquite flower online.
There's so much to read.
We have some mesquites, but I really don't like them because they BITE.
They're just about as bad as chollas, maybe even worse because you don't see the branches when they don't have leaves and I lost count of how many times I was bleeding when we built the lower garden and cow fence.  Our mesquites just got leaves a few weeks ago and most are actually NOT ours, but on the neighbor property along our fence line, where I'm happy to have them — outside.
Hopefully 0ur Chilean mesquite cuttings (no thorns) will grow roots, they have some nice leaves now.
In the meantime, we've been planting lots of beans, but we'd like to find some high desert legumes too.