We started on the last frame, for now. Went to Lowes' to get peat moss WITHOUT the MiracleGrow chemical fertilizer (Home Depot) and was shocked to see the landscape timber priced at $3 a piece. We've been paying $2 at the Depot. I also thought that the quickcrete was rather pricey at Lowe's.
So we stopped at the Depot and found that their price for landscape timber had also increased to $3/piece, but the quickcrete was MUCH cheaper than at Lowe's. There were definitely more employees than customers at Lowe's and I don't know how they stay in business.
We almost took the blocks back out, could use them for the raised beds along the house, but we'll wait till fall/winter. The tomatoes were already hitting the top screen, so we quickly built the frame for our screen enclosure. It sucks that you can't STAPLE to blocks.
Forgot to buy the metal corner brackets we had for the other beds and used some scrap lumber instead — works fine.

The (block) tomato bed (click for larger image)

We'll have another day or so until the tomatoes hit the screen again and we have to build the screened frame.
We've been so busy, finally finished the last bed and planted mostly peppers and a few cukes and melons this eve.
Have so many more tomato plants and no idea where to put them. Last time we planted tomatoes along the fence they got immediately eaten. We also got a giant rat trap, but haven't caught anything yet.

“Something” is eating all our baby squash and zucchini and we really don't appreciate that!