The horno is too big to fire up just for me and solar baking works only when the sun shines. 

Since it got so cold all of sudden (32 degrees at 4 am last night), cooking is the most efficient way to stay warm at night.   I don’t have an oven, just brought the bbq back in the kitchen.  It has a burner and that’s what I’ve been using to cook for the last year since I moved into my unfinished house.

So I just searched the web for stove top baking and I found articles on flat bread and steaming bread in coffee cans inside a big pot.

I’ll have to try that.  Have to find some coffee cans since I don’t buy coffee in cans.

I’m dying for some authentic German farmers’ bread and actually got the starter sourdough in the fridge, that’s working out pretty good.  But it never looks or tastes like the German bread.   Lately it got cloudy or so windy, my aliminum foil covered posterboard solar cooker wants to fly away.  I’ll build a more permanent solar cooker once the addition is done on the south side.

In the meantime, I’ll try the flat bread:

I just built a large desk for the bedroom by the window with the view of the cliffs.  But it’s cold at night, in the NE corner.  I’m going to create a work area in the kitchen.  It’s on the South side and surrounded by garage and living area.  It’s a LOT warmer in here and since I use a notebook, I can easily move around.  I put up a light with two LED bulbs and that’s perfect for computing.

This is pretty cool, a huge improvement since last winter, when the kitchen was part of the garage until I finally built a wall to at least make it a little warmer.  And now “almost” all the living area is sheetrocked and insulated.