High Desert Permaculture and Natural Building

Category: Food

HOT weather veggies for the high desert

My own experiences aren’t very useful as almost everything I grew last year was transplanted way LATE.  I started the seedlings and then had no place to put them until we built the raised beds. One exception are TOMATOES,...

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Pics: garden update

We’ve been so busy this summer and constantly behind schedule, I kept taking pictures and never got around to posting them. We now have the tomato garden, a raised ENCLOSED bed on the north side of the garage, a raised bed...

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Last frost in late March?

A few days ago I visited neighbors who told me that it froze a couple nights earlier.  I didn’t even notice. Today I inspected the grapes and yup, a number of leaves were brown and dead, definitely frozen.  It’s not...

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Green revolutions in Cuba and Venezuela

GREEN REVOLUTIONS IN CUBA AND VENEZUELA October 14, 2007 When most people hear the word “revolution” about either Cuba or Venezuela, images of the Cuban revolution of the 1950s with Fidel Castro at the forefront, or of Hugo...

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